Many people buy cardinal dad wall art to hang on the wall to decorate their house or buy it as a very meaningful gift. In this article, let's accompany Memory-gift Shop to learn about the meaning of hanging cardinal print in the house and more than 15 cardinal gifts for relatives and friends.

What Does Hanging Cardinals Art in the House Mean?

In nature, northern cardinal birds come in many different colors, typically yellow cardinal and red cardinal. However, the red cardinal is the bird that gets more into the picture because the red cardinal is seen as a symbol of Christian faith, hope, and resurrection.

For many people, murals of cardinals in the house carry spiritual or emotional connotations. Hanging cardinal art in the home can mean:

  • Remembering those we love: Since cardinals are sometimes seen as representing the souls of loved ones who have passed away, cardinal paintings can serve as a beautiful reminder of those who have passed away but remain in our hearts and minds.
  • Expression of faith and spirituality: Since the cardinal myth is associated with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, cardinal art can symbolize one's Christian faith and spirituality. Bright red also evokes vitality and renewal.
  • Brings good luck and cheer: Due to their playful appearance and bright colors, cardinals are said to bring good luck and happiness to a home. Cardinal art can improve the atmosphere and lift the spirits of the people who live there. Therefore, it is also used as a wedding gift for the couple.
  • Bring a sense of comfort. The image of a cheerful cardinal in a picture or photograph can provide immediate comfort and joy, especially for those who have experienced loss or hardship.

In general, the meaning of hanging cardinal art in the home is personal and subjective. The colors, shapes, and images surrounding the cardinal symbol have the ability to resonate with the owner on a mental or emotional level, providing inspiration, comfort, and connection to what matters most.

cardinal canvas wall art

Top 15 Best Cardinal Print on Amazon, Etsy, Memory-gift

This list features 15 of the best cardinal prints available on Amazon, Etsy and Memory-gift for those looking to decor to their homes or giving gifts to relatives and friends.

With thematic options ranging from warm and cozy to inspirational and memorial, there is sure to be a cardinal print that fits any aesthetic or purpose.

Top 5 Cardinal Dad Wall Art on Memory-Gift

Cardinal bird imagery makes for unique and touching memorial wall art decor for fathers. Here we feature five of the best cardinal dad wall art prints from Memory-Gift for those seeking a creative yet heartfelt way to honor the memory of a loved father.

The pieces incorporate inspiring phrases, carefully rendered cardinal illustrations, and vintage-style motifs that add an air of nostalgia while serving as an enduring tribute for family and friends to gather around in remembrance. With personalized options available, these decorative canvas prints provide treasured wall displays for grieving homes.

Cardinal-themed Remembrance Gifts

Cardinal-themed remembrance gifts make a wonderful and unique way to honor and remember a loved one who has passed away. The memorial canvas uses modern printing techniques and a waterproof matte coating to create a long-lasting reproduction that is resistant to fading, scratches and warping.

The cardinal remembrance gifts feature personalized options with the name or likeness of your loved one, providing a special and customized tribute. Being anti-yellowing and anti-oxidant, the memorial canvas wall art makes an excellent choice to memorialize your loved one and serve as a thoughtful remembrance display for friends and family to gather around.

cardinal canvas wall art

Heartwarming Memorial Canvas prints

These heartwarming memorial canvas prints make lovely condolence gifts for those grieving the loss of a parent. Modern reproductions feature meaningful words, sentiments and landscape images capturing signs from heaven combined with photos to preserve memories of loved ones.

The canvases come in 9 sizes and utilize eco-friendly inks, a waterproof matte coating, stretcher bars from regenerated kiln-dried wood, and preinstalled hanging hardware to create long-lasting, fade-resistant decor that can stand out in any room. The solid wood black frames.

cardinal print

Cardinal Bird Perched on a Chair

Featuring a grief poem and an image of a cardinal bird perched on a chair, the print provides a means to express sorrow and remember loved ones during difficult times.

The canvas decorative reproductions are eco-friendly ink, a waterproof coating, kiln-dried wood stretcher bars, and a preinstalled hanging system to create a long-lasting and fade-resistant piece available in 9 sizes.

cardinals art

Customized Memorial Canvas Gift

This memorial canvas was designed by integrating two subjects - cardinal flying and shadow effects - along with an arranged love quote to create a perfect picture. The canvas reproduction is printed on durable, beautiful matte material for a sharp image. The customized memorial canvas gift honors the departed while bringing solace during a difficult time of loss.

The solid deep black wood frames the memorial gifts which compassionately honors those who have passed and helps soften the pain of loss. Made with modern printing techniques, every detail is faithfully reproduced to stand the test of time.

cardinal dad wall art

A Limb Has Fallen with an Image of a Cardinal

This personalized memorial canvas makes a thoughtful bereavement gift for those mourning the loss of a father. Featuring an inspirational message - 'A Limb Has Fallen' with an image of a cardinal, the print provides a means to express grief and reminisce about loved ones.

cardinal wall art

Click the link below to explore a world of thoughtful suggestions that will bring comfort, healing, and a lasting legacy.

Top 5 Best Cardinal Wall Art on Etsy

Cardinals in Birch Tree Watercolor

This limited edition bird print features an original artwork portraying cardinals nestled amongst birch trees. Printed on high-quality archival paper using long-lasting inks, it is signed and numbered by the artist as one of only 400 prints within the edition.

The portrait orientation and border provide space for matting and framing according to the buyer's taste. Professionally packaged, this print of 'Cardinals in Birch' offers an evocative piece of avian art for the nature lover.

cardinal print

Red Cardinal Wood Art Print

This vibrant wood art piece was created by spraying semi-translucent UV protected ink directly onto solid wood. The unique application technique allows the knots and grains of the wood to interact with the colorful pattern, creating a distinctive interplay of color, texture and woodgrain.

The sturdy wood construction is securely joined and ready to hang, making it suitable to display both indoors and out all year round without additional coating. The included hardware allows easy hanging on any wall where a splash of bright art is desired.

cardinals art

Cardinal Birds Against Snowy Scenery

A fine art print reproduction of an original watercolor painting by CanotStopPainting Studio artist Sophia Rodionov, this cardinal painting features vivid cardinal birds against snowy scenery. The print is made with Epson inks on archival watercolor paper and will deliver crisp, long-lasting colors.

Available in various sizes, it makes an excellent decorative piece for brightening up any wall at home. Custom sizes are also available on request.

cardinal wall art

A Female Yellow Cardinal Bird Standing on a Dry Branch

Fine art print presents a vivid reproduction of an original watercolor painting depicting a female yellow cardinal bird standing on a dry branch. The image evokes a hint of sadness. This painting is created with high-quality Epson archival ink on fine art watercolor paper.

The print closely resembles the original watercolor artwork delivering fine details and saturation true to the medium. All prints are made using archival materials to ensure longevity and maintain outstanding colors and details for years of use as wall decorations.

cardinal canvas wall art

Geo Bird Cady - Is an Original Oil Painting

This cardinal bird was created by a talented girl. She meticulously paints every stroke to be able to create such a vivid picture.

The arts is called Geo Bird Cady - is an original oil painting. It was produced in the summer of 2022. It depicts a cardinal bird in geometric shapes and bold colors, creating it giving it a modern, stylized look.

Customers can order as a high-quality canvas print or reprint in a 0.5-inch white borderless format for easy framing. Once on display, this colorful piece of graphic art is sure to modernize any room and capture interest with its unique bird portrait.

cardinal dad wall art

Top 5 Cardinal Canvas Wall Art on Amazon

Amazon offers a wide selection of beautiful and meaningful cardinal canvas wall art to brighten up any home. Here we feature five of the best options for those seeking artful yet inspiring pieces centered on the venerable cardinal bird.

Each canvas reproduction utilizes modern printing techniques and eco-friendly materials to create long-lasting, high-quality wall decor perfect for gifting or personal enjoyment.

The beautiful canvas print with cardinal

This 24 x 36 inch canvas print features a vivid image of a cardinal perched on foliage, roofs, fences, and soaring in the sky with the words 'Amazing Grace How Sweet The Sound'.

Made of high-quality 200 GSM poster paper printed on hand-stretch canvas securely attached to a wooden frame, the poster has a wear-resistant surface that withstands manufacturing, packaging and handling. Standard size suitable for home decoration.

Buyer can contact seller about any problem and company will try to solve the problem until customer is satisfied, don't want negative reviews without chance to fix the situation before.

cardinal print

LED illuminated canvas with cardinals

LED illuminated canvas features eye-catching images of beautiful cardinal birds. The print is done on high-quality canvas with a wooden stretcher on the back and a lightweight yet durable material. LED canvas paintings make an eye-catching decorative addition to any modern wall.

The on/off switch on the side requires 3 AA batteries (not included) to power the lamp's 6-hour timer. This unique canvas wall art is a great holiday gift for anyone who loves LED paintings and modern decor. As a Christmas decoration accessory, this print will change the look and feel of any home.

cardinals art

Season Greetings - The LED lighted canvas

The LED lighted canvas features an image of cardinals with the phrase 'Season Greetings' making it the perfect holiday decor. The print is produced on high-quality canvas stretched over a wooden frame for a lightweight but durable canvas. This unique wall art makes an excellent holiday gift for those interested in LED paintings and modern decorative pieces.

cardinal wall art

Inspirational Wall Plaque

Designed by artist Daphne Polselli, the decorative piece makes a thoughtful gift for those who love nature-inspired wall art and uplifting decor.

This inspirational wall plaque features the vibrant image of a cardinal bird against a red background with the word 'Believe Love Never Dies'. Made in the USA, the plaque starts as a high-quality lithograph print mounted on durable MDF wood and hand finished with foil on the sides for a crisp look.

The ready-to-hang plaque requires no installation and comes with clear reinforcement corners to prevent damage during transit.

cardinal canvas wall art

An Antique Illustration of Cardinals

The reproduction print features an antique illustration of cardinals. Printed with artistic finesse. Produced on thick, matte 175 GSM fine art paper giving the poster a museum-like quality, the print is made to order in the USA with 1-5 day processing. When framed, the print adds vintage charm to both modern and classic homes.

cardinal dad wall art

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1. What Is the Myth of the Red Cardinal?

The myth explains the Cardinals' red color. It says a female cardinal landed on Jesus' cross during crucifixion. Her brown feathers were stained red from his blood. When she flew away, the stain remained, turning her and her offspring permanently red. This made the cardinal a symbol of Jesus' sacrifice.

Some versions say the cardinal was St. Peter's mate, helping make it a Christian symbol. The myth gives spiritual meaning to the cardinals' red color and ties the cheerful birds to Christianity, though there is no factual basis. It serves as a charming tale of why some animals represent religions.

2. What Does It Mean When a Cardinal Hits Your Window?

Many people believe a cardinal hitting your window has special meaning. Common interpretations:

  • A loved one is sending you a sign, as cardinals symbolize deceased loved ones.
  • It brings good luck or fortune due to the bird's cheerful red color.
  • It reminds you to slow down since the Cardinals move leisurely.

Through this article about cardinal dad wall art, Memory-gift hopes you have been able to understand more about the meaning of the cardinal bird as well as have chosen a suitable gift for cardinal print to hang in your home, or give it to your relatives or friends.