As the holiday brings families together in joyful celebration, someone's heart may feel the absence of a loved one even more deeply. Christmas memorial ideas are great things for them to show your support, understanding, and comfort during this difficult time.

Are you trying to be a supportive friend to someone who is grieving?

Do you wish to improve your ability to come alongside and understand someone who is in pain?

Then this is a great blog by for you. Most people tend to avoid folks who are in grief, so I honestly want to say thank you for your efforts.

What grievers wish you knew at Christmas

christmas memorial ideas

Obviously, you want to be thoughtful and avoid going overboard.

By understanding their needs and desires, we can be a source of comfort and solace during a time that may feel overwhelming and isolating for them.

1. Even during the best times, someone is always missing

The loss of a family member leaves a lasting void. Even the most joyful moments are bittersweet, as someone dear is missing. It's hard to be filled with joy at Christmas.

2. Being in social settings can be really tough

If your spouse or child has passed away, entering a room full of couples or a gathering of children on your own might serve as a devastating reminder of what you have lost.

Understand if they need to cancel at the last minute or stay briefly at a holiday event. Offer support by accompanying them throughout the event.

Let them know you're still thinking about their loved one and encourage them to share memories. Don't hesitate to say the name of the person who passed away; it can bring solace to their grieving heart.

3. Grief can be awkward in a family

Grief can be uncomfortable for some family members. Some may not appreciate excessive sympathy or apologies for something beyond their control. Others may take longer to heal, feeling hurt when loved ones don't understand their process.

Be willing to talk if the griever begins it, and if not, support them in whatever they choose to discuss.

4. Crying is not an issue

Grieving individuals often feel that their tears are seen as a problem to be fixed, a sign that they are struggling with their grief.

Let them know that they can cry without embarrassment in your presence.

20 Christmas memorial ideas for grieving people to warm their heart

christmas memorial ideas

As we delve deeper into the realm of Christmas memorial ideas, I am thrilled to present to you a curated collection of 20 heartfelt ways to honor and remember our loved ones this Christmas.

Christmas memorial gifts to remember a deceased parent

Each gift is thoughtfully chosen to capture the essence of our parents' love, their unique personalities, and the special bond we shared with them.

Little warmth for grieving people in remembrance of their Mother

Give them extra warmth and pleasant embracement to help soothe grievers' souls. This personalized memorial blanket, a priceless gift with high quality that you should choose for your relatives and friends who suffered the loss of mom.

This blanket has been highly rated by our customers, owing to its soft and silky polyester, full image printing with high degree resolution, and no fading through the years.

After cards are put away, and the flowers are gone, this is something they could find solace in and smile in remembrance of their Mother.

Price at time of public: $37.99

christmas memorial ideas

Angle car charm for bereaved family member

Hanging this angel car charm from the rearview mirror, the car's interior, or any other suitable place within vehicle. Our favorite memorial gift in this curated collection for grieving people this Christmas.

Its presence in car serves as a reminder that their deceased parent's spirit is always with them, watching over them, and offering guidance on their life's journey. It's beautiful, just like your dear one in heaven.

Price at time of public: $14.99

christmas memorial ideas

Christmas memorial lighted lantern for parents in heaven

"Pictures do NOT do these lanterns justice! The size is wonderful! The details are impeccable.", one of the users said. By keeping a special space for your deceased parent with this amazing hand-crafted lantern, featuring their favorite things to do, personalized with every single detail, your loved ones will be remembered in a unique way.

Price at time of public: $149

christmas memorial ideas

Christmas in heaven tealight to remember your greatest dad

This Christmas in Heaven tealight will help you keep your dad close by over the holidays. You can choose between a single or double-engraved rocker with a stained or unfinished base. Tealight with 6-hour burn time is included. A Christmas remembrance gift that we love.

Price at time of public: $13.26

christmas memorial ideas

Memorial snow globe for Christmas gift

Wouldn't it be a mistake if we didn't recommend you a memorial snow globe for Christmas? This would be a perfect item in lieu of flowers for those mourning for their loss of Mom.
Buy this for your grieving family member in remembrance of their Mother. They will get emotional about it!

Price at time of public: $84.99

christmas memorial ideas

Christmas memorial gifts to remember a deceased sibling

The bond we share with our siblings is unique and profound, and their loss leaves an undeniable void in our lives. Here are five heartfelt ideas to remember and honor our departed siblings this Christmas.

DIY memorial ornament to honor a sibling in heaven

Recently, a close friend’s brother passed away. He confided to me that he wanna do something for his mom and sister who are missing loved ones every day.

That was when he came up with the idea of crafting Christmas ornaments with some fragments of his brother's old favorite clothes. It was made with all of love, dedication and thoughtfulness.

I was truly moved and appreciative of his love for his brother, and of course, the other members of his family were also touched when they saw this special gift.

I was so fortunate to witness his sacred love for his family. I had no intention of posting this project on my blog, but after seeing how much these ornaments meant to the family members, I decided to do so. Just simply place the cloth strips in a clear glass or plastic ornament, you'll have an amazing memorial gift.

christmas memorial ideas

Memorial wind chime for those grieving for their lost siblings

"Listen to the wind and think of me, I'm always with you", the wind chimes will sing as they move with the breeze. On gentle tunes, the lost sibling will always be remembered in the most respectful way.

Hearing this musical remembrance may soothe your grieving friend's sorrow and lift their gaze to brighter memories. Give them this unique tribute that could help them find peace in their loving presence all through the winter wonders.

Price at time of public: $29.95

christmas memorial ideas

Wings ornament to remember beloved sister in heaven

With the help of a beautifully made Christmas ornament in the shape of angel wings, grievers can feel the warmth of their beloved sister who is in heaven. On the Christmas tree or room wall, this memorial ornament would look exquisite hanging from the silk ribbon.

With these alloy angel wings ornaments, their Christmas décor will have a festive touch. They can be displayed over a table, shelf, fireplace, Christmas tree, or wall. Ideal supplement to holiday decorations.

Price at time of public: $7.29

christmas memorial ideas

Unique moon lamp gift for grieving family member

This one-of-a-kind present is an excellent way to convey sympathy and comfort to a bereaved friend or relative, or as a memorial gift for yourself. The lampshades are readily removable and replaceable with great quality, perfect size for a side table.

"I bought it for a friend who had recently lost a loved one, and she was really touched", a customer said. I have seen a lot of compliments about these gifts in the review section. This moon lamp would be an excellent solace to your friends.

Price at time of public: $12.88

christmas memorial ideas

Christmas memorial gifts to remember a deceased child

Losing a child is an indescribable pain. These memorial ideas are designed to provide solace, comfort, and a way to keep the precious memories of our little angels alive during this meaningful time of year.

Lovely night light jar to remember little angle

Amazing gift for those we hold tight in heart. Buy this lovely gift for grievers as a memorial for their little angel baby who has passed away. Imagine their little treasure seeing it at Christmas night as they are looking down on them will bring them a smile.

Price at time of public: $34.99

christmas memorial ideas

Christmas memorial candle to remember a deceased child

If you want to stick to the traditional memorial gift this Christmas, this candle remembrance gift is a perfect one for bereaved family to remember their child in heaven.

Warm up the holiday with the candle's sparkling fond memories that comfort the grieving soul. We don't think you can ever go wrong with this memorial candle. What a touching gift this Christmas.

Price at time of public: $34.49

christmas memorial ideas

Stunning angle light to remember daughter in heaven

"Such a beautiful angel with butterfly wings what a lovely gentle Lovely glow" is what other users talked about this stunning Angle light. This memorial gift would be a wonderful touch to any garden or a dear one's gravesite.

If you're looking for a last minute Christmas gift for a grieving family, this would still do it best to convey their meaning and spirit in the remembrance of their beloved daughter. Don't hesitate to buy it. You will not regret it!

Price at time of public: $46.38

christmas memorial ideas

Christmas in heaven pillow to remember daughter

Probably I cannot miss a pillow, providing physical and emotional comfort, in this list of Christmas memorial ideas. As the holidays approach and joyous celebrations begin, your dearly departed child's presence is sorely missed.

However, with this Christmas in heaven pillow for those grieving, in lieu of flowers for funeral, their memory will stay bright in surviving people's heart forever. Feel their loved one's gentle hug easing sorrow with this special pillow. Thinking of "Whenever you hold it, know that I am there.” will make them smile.

Price at time of public: $21.99

christmas memorial ideas

Christmas memorial gifts for the loss of spouse

Losing a spouse is an unimaginably difficult experience, particularly during a time as meaningful as Christmas. These thoughtful gifts hold the power to honor their memory, bring solace, and offer a sense of connection.

Night light plaque that brightens the coldest nights

This thoughtful night light makes for a tender tribute this holiday season. One heart-shaped memorial gift sign and one LED light lamp base are included; the sign can be illuminated.

As darkness falls, its light seems to whisper "You are not forgotten". Presenting this night light’s special sentiments and imagery is a poetic way to honor a dear life partner departed.

Price at time of public: $21.77

christmas memorial ideas

Warming your beloved ones with this Christmas memorial ornament

Imagine how warming your beloved one will feel when receiving this Christmas memorial ornament from you this holiday. The cardinal art is exquisitely printed on high-quality white ceramic, personalized with name and date.

A nice message is etched on the pretty ornament as well to serve as a constant reminder that their life partner is with them at all times during the holiday season.

Price at time of public: $18.99

christmas memorial ideas

Stunning bracelet to hold dear one near

Don't think that you could only get a special jewelry not well-made or don't sell well with a cheap price. This bracelet is exceptional. Perfectly customized with birth flower and date, it will exceed every expectation you could have.

To soothe your women's fragile souls after their loss of life partner, we highly recommend this nicely engraved bracelet. To make you more confident with it, here is a common review from users for this bracelet, "It’s perfect!! Now I have a beautiful memory of my husband that I can wear everyday!"

Price at time of public: $12

christmas memorial ideas

Dazzling necklace to keep loved one close to heart

Honestly, when coming across this necklace, we cannot wait to recommend you this dazzling necklace as a gift for your grieving friends or relatives. Wearing it close to the heart connects them to fond memories of their spouse.

Even though it's just an affordable memorial gift to remember their soulmate in heaven, everyone seeing it will say wow and admire your respect, thoughtfulness, and love for those passing away. Cardinals symbolize the presence of a deceased spouse and this dazzling necklace references that.

Price at time of public: $27.99

christmas memorial ideas

Christmas memorial gifts to remember a deceased pet

To honor and remember a departed four-legged baby, selecting a thoughtful memorial gift can provide solace and serve as a beautiful tribute.

Memorial ornament to bring smile to grievers this Christmas

Loyal companion, playful and kind, now only in memory. This ornament features the customized aesthetic clip art of your loved dog's appearance, and reminds of adventures and loving four-legged friend.

Though no more by your side on Christmas day, in your heart forever your furry friend will stay. Let this token keep sparkling your pet's memory bright, and bring smile through the years as you recall days of light.

Price at time of public: $18.99

christmas memorial ideas

Memorial wind chime to include fur family member this Christmas

Help your grieving family member heal their heart, and feel less alone during the difficult stage in their life with this meaningful and beautiful memorial wind chime.

Surely filling their mind with the memories of their dog sunning themselves out, feeling breeze, listening to the soft noises from the wind chimes will soothe their soul this Christmas.

What a beautiful way to remember their sweetheart fur baby, to always have their dog tags sparkling in the sun from this amazing windchime .... just like their loving spirit.

Price at time of public: $29.95

christmas memorial ideas

Memorial engraved wallet cards for the loss of pet

It is actually heartbreaking for those who lost their fur family member!

These wallet cards are a wonderful way to keep their memory alive in a charming, colorful, and caring way, or to give to bereaved family members to show how much you care and are thinking of them.

My friend was so emotional when receiving it, she couldn’t help crying. She keeps it with her during the day and sleeps with it at night.

Price at time of public: $40.95

christmas memorial ideas

Is It Wrong to Celebrate Christmas While Facing the Loss of a Loved One?

It's natural to wonder if it's wrong to celebrate Christmas while navigating the pain and sadness of their absence. However, it's important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to grieve, and the decision to celebrate or not is deeply personal.

Each person's grief journey is unique, and the decision to celebrate or not should be respected.

What grieving people want to hear?

It's pretty much better to simply listen to your loved one or honestly admit, "I'm not sure what to say, but I'm willing to be with you, just so you know that I do care".
Silence is totally fine if the individual in mourning does not want to talk, do not press. Often, simply being in their company will bring them comfort.

What not to say to a grieving person?

  • Be strong, you'll get through it.
  • She's now in a better place.
  • Isn't it been a long since you've seen her?
  • He lived a long time and didn't die young.
  • You're still young.

By telling someone to "be strong," you may unintentionally downplay their emotions and make them feel like they need to suppress or hide their pain

Implying that their loved one's passing is a positive thing, it can minimize or dismiss the depth of their emotions and the significance of their loss.

Grievers may already be processing their own feelings of not having enough time with their loved ones, and those statements could exacerbate those emotions.

In conclusion, during the Christmas season, it's important to offer support and understanding to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. These 20 Christmas memorial ideas from Memory-gift's blog serve as thoughtful gestures to show our support and help bring comfort to those who are navigating the difficult path of grief.