Homemade memorial gift ideas offer a heartfelt and personal way to pay tribute to those we have lost while preserving their spirit in a meaningful and tangible manner. Join us as we embark on a journey of crafting beautiful memorial gifts that celebrate the lives of those we hold dear. These Memory-gift.co's DIY memorial gifts will not only honor their memory but also provide comfort and support during the grieving process.

What is proper etiquette for celebration of life?

When attending a celebration of life, focus on:

  • Sharing favorite memories of the person who passed away.
  • Telling a funny story or moment that brought laughter.
  • Expressing admiration for how they lived and their qualities.
  • Showing gratitude for knowing them.
  • Sharing a unique story or memory.
  • Assuring the family of your support in tangible ways.

There are other things you may want to avoid saying or doing at a celebration of life. Here's some things to consider avoiding:

  • Avoid offering platitudes or shallow words of comfort such as, "It'll get easier" or "At least they didn't suffer"
  • Try not to focus on the sadness you may be feeling after the death, this should be kept for a different time or setting
  • Don't share stories that intentionally speak ill of the person who passed or embarrass them
  • Try not to question the reason there was a celebration of life held rather than a traditional memorial

Top 10 thoughtful DIY memorial gifts

I've got some heartfelt DIY memorial gifts that will help you honor the memory of your loved one. Let me share them with you:

1. Preserving Dried Flowers

Capture the beauty of your loved one's favorite flowers or the blooms from their final arrangements by drying them. These delicate petals can be transformed into stunning works of art.

Consider keeping them safe and visible in a sealed clear jar or arranging them creatively in a shadow box or picture frame. Every time you look at these preserved flowers, you'll be reminded of their beauty and the special connection you shared.
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2. Creating a Memorial Photo Album

Gather all your cherished photos of your loved one and create a personalized memorial photo album. It's a meaningful way to celebrate their life and the precious moments you spent together.

You can choose to organize printed photos in a traditional album, or if you prefer a digital approach, upload the images to an online photo book creator.

As you sift through the pages of this heartfelt album, every photo will evoke memories, stories, and emotions, keeping their spirit alive in your heart.
diy memorial gifts

3. Memorial Flower Cross

A decorative memorial cross can be a beautiful addition to your loved one's gravesite. If you'd like to create one yourself, here's what you'll need: a styrofoam cross, some artificial flowers, and colorful ribbon.

But don't worry if you're not up for the DIY challenge, you can also find a variety of ready-made memorial crosses in the Milano Inspirations gift shop.
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4. No-Sew Dress Shirt Pillow

Now, this homemade memorial gift ideas is really touching. If your father, grandfather, or another special person had a favorite dress shirt, you can transform it into a keepsake pillow. If sewing isn't your thing, no worries!

We've got you covered with a no-sew method to make a dress shirt pillow. It's simple and doesn't require any sewing skills.

However, we suggest practicing these steps on a less valuable shirt first to make sure your loved one's shirt pillow turns out exactly the way you want it to.
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5. T-Shirt Quilt

If your loved one had a collection of cherished t-shirts, why not transform them into a meaningful commemorative blanket or quilt?

The number of t-shirts you'll need will depend on the desired size of the quilt. For a full-sized quilt (60" x 72"), you'll generally need around 30 t-shirts.

Don't worry, I've got you covered with easy-to-follow steps to create your very own t-shirt quilt. Let's get started!
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6. Painted Memorial Rocks

Here's a beautiful idea: painted memorial rocks and stones. These can be placed near your loved one's headstone as a heartfelt decoration or scattered around a memorial garden, serving as touching reminders of your dear one.

Families often choose to personalize these rocks with Bible verses, quotes, song lyrics, or images that hold a special meaning and remind them of their loved one.

It's a simple yet powerful way to pay tribute and keep their memory alive.
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7. Festive Memorial Wreath

During this special time of year, why not create a beautiful wreath to adorn your loved one's gravesite? You can easily find the materials you need at a local craft shop and follow instructions online.

But here's something even more wonderful: join Milano Monuments for one of our annual Wine & Wreath classes! When you reserve your spot, the cost of materials and a tutorial session led by our team of floral decor specialists are all included.

It's a chance to create something beautiful while receiving guidance and support from experts who understand the importance of honoring your loved one during the holiday season.
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8. Holiday Ornaments

There's something truly magical about customized ornaments. They're simple to make and have a lasting impact.

Grab some clear plastic or glass ornaments and fill them with meaningful mementos like fabric from a favorite t-shirt, heartfelt notes, or cherished photos. You can even add a handwritten tag kept from your loved one, making it even more special.

These ornaments become heartfelt reminders of your loved one's presence during the holiday season, bringing comfort and joy to your celebrations.
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9. Framed Handwriting

Preserving your loved one's original handwriting is a beautiful way to honor their memory.

Take old notes, recipes, or letters that they wrote and frame them. Not only does it keep their unique handwriting alive, but it also creates a stunning keepsake that holds so much meaning.

Framed handwriting also makes a thoughtful memorial gift for others who have experienced the loss of a loved one. It's a way to share the beauty of their words and keep their spirit alive.
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10. DIY memory jar to honor your loved ones in heaven

Losing a loved one is never easy, but creating a DIY memory jar offers solace and keeps their memory alive.

Choose a significant glass jar, decorate it with ribbons or tags, and cut small pieces of paper. Write cherished memories and heartfelt messages on the cards, folding or rolling them to fit inside the jar.

Display the jar in a special place, and whenever you need comfort, revisit the memories and feel the love and joy they bring. This DIY project serves as a tangible reminder of the eternal bond you share with your loved one in heaven.

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DIY Sympathy Gift Basket

1. Memorial Garden

Creating a remembrance garden can be a soothing and healing experience for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

It's a living memorial that offers serenity and solace, allowing you to find peace amidst nature. Consider planting flowers or plants that will continue to flourish, serving as a beautiful tribute in their honor.

This idea is especially fitting for remembering a nature lover, as it keeps their spirit alive in the vibrant colors and life of the garden.

2. Home Videos

There's something truly special about home movies—they capture moments frozen in time, allowing us to relive precious memories.

If someone you care about has recently lost their spouse, consider converting their treasured home films into digital files. This way, they can watch and cherish these videos anytime they're feeling sad or simply want to feel closer to their loved one.

Preserving these memories in a digital format is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give, offering comfort and a way to keep their presence alive.

What is the day of remembrance for a loved one?

Similar to a birthday, a death anniversary is a special occasion that honors and reflects on the life and legacy of a loved one who has passed away. It provides an opportunity for family and friends to remember and commemorate their loss. The terms "death day" or "Remembrance Day" are also used interchangeably to refer to this anniversary.

Do you get someone a gift for a funeral?

While gifts are not obligatory at funerals, offering a small gift can be a thoughtful gesture. Unlike weddings or other celebratory occasions, a typical funeral service does not typically involve the expectation of bringing a gift.

Do you give anything at a memorial?

When someone is grieving, expressing your support through meaningful gestures like sending flowers, making a donation, or giving a memorial gift can provide comfort and let the bereaved know that they are in your thoughts.

Do you wrap a memorial gift?

When ordering flowers or a gift hamper online, you can rest assured that they will be expertly wrapped and delivered on your behalf. There's no need to worry about the logistics as the online service takes care of everything for you.

Through Memory-gift.co's exploration of ten heartfelt and personalized DIY memorial gift ideas, we have discovered the power of creativity and crafting to honor the lives of our departed loved ones. Let these homemade memorial gift ideas serve as a lasting testament to the lives and impact of our beloved departed.