Losing someone you love in this life is perhaps one of the most difficult pains to overcome. You may be feeling sad and unmotivated with life. A Mom in Heaven Poem Angel Wings may help you feel more at peace when your mother is no longer by your side. Moreover, if you are looking for a gift to commemorate your beloved mother who has passed away, Memory-Gift provides some suggestions in the article below.

Notes For Choosing A Memorial Gift For Someone Who Has Lost Their Mother

When losing the person you love the most and also the person who loves you the most, a gift along with words of comfort is very necessary. If you are also trying to give a gift to a friend, but unfortunately, that person's mother has passed away. Here are some notes when choosing souvenirs that you should pocket to avoid unnecessary mistakes.
mom in heaven poem angle wings

  • Research the interests and personality of the person who has lost their mother to make them feel more uplifted when receiving the gift.
  • Choose memorial gifts made from the best materials to ensure they won't be damaged during use.
  • Avoid incorporating religious elements into the gift as everyone has their own beliefs.
  • The memorial gift you choose should be an item that can be displayed in the recipient's space.

Mom In Heaven Poem Angle Wings - Meaning of Poems

Poems with gentle, delicate melodies and profound meanings always bring comfort to people. If you are feeling sad and need to relax, the following poems will be very helpful. Read them and contemplate.

On Angel Wings Poem

On Angles Wings
On Angel's Wings you were taken away,
But in my heart you will always stay.
I will hear you whisper in the tallest trees,
Feel your love in the gentle breeze.
And when I find I miss you the most,
Inside our beautiful memories
I will hold you close.
You are an Angel watching over me
With the comfort and blessings you bring,
Your embrace my heart and hold it close,
Forever on Angle's Wings.
By - Crailin Hardy

mom in heaven poem angle wings
The poem "On Angel's Wings" is the author's confession about her mother who has passed away. Although the angel's wings have taken her mother to a peaceful place, the author cannot forget the memories she shared with her mother. Because her heart will always hold her mother close.

No matter where the author is, she can always feel her mother's presence. She can hear her mother's whispers on the tallest tree and feel her love through the gentle breeze. The author misses her mother the most when she remembers the beautiful memories they shared together.

Overall, through some artistic literary devices, the poem conveys the message that even though loved ones have passed away, the love and beautiful memories of them will be preserved forever in the hearts of those who remain.

Angel Wings Poem

mom in heaven poem angle wings
The poem "Angel Wings" is a sharing of the author's loss of her mother. Although nothing can ease her pain, she is proud of her mother for fighting six major tumors over six years. The love and sacrifice of her mother are also mentioned in the poem.

Especially, despite being sad that her mother cannot be with her on important occasions like her wedding day, her mother gave her a very special gift, her husband. He helped her overcome fear and be strong when the person who gave birth to her and raised her is no longer alive. Her husband, Jamie, is like someone brought into her world to compensate for the feelings of absence when her mother passed away. And she is very thankful to her mother for that gift.

In addition, the poem also expresses the author's regret that her son cannot meet his grandmother, who gave birth to, nurtured, and devoted all her love to the author.

In conclusion, the author prays that when she passes away, her mother will meet her at the gates of heaven. Because she believes that someone with boundless love for children like her mother has been given angel wings by God and flown to heaven.

The poem "As I Sit In Heaven"

mom in heaven poem angle wings
Different from the two mom in heaven poem angel wings, the poem "As I sit in heaven" is a confession from a person who has passed away to the afterlife, rather than a confession from someone who remains. The poem expresses the remembrance of the deceased person towards their loved ones. Although they have passed away, they are always by their side and observe their loved ones every day.

Besides, the deceased also show that they always try to give signs to let their loved ones know that they have never left their side. Through this, they hope that their living family members do not feel lonely or guilty.

The poem also seeks to remind those who have experienced or are currently experiencing the loss of their loved ones that heaven is a beautiful place. They will be able to witness its beauty when they depart from this world. Therefore, they should not be overwhelmed with grief due to the departure of their loved ones.

Top Gifts That Remember Mom In Heaven With Angel Wings.

Are you in search of a special way to pay tribute to the person who brought you into this world and nurtured you? Despite her absence, you wish to cherish and honor the most precious memories of her. Consider the following top gifts featuring mother with angel wings that may help you achieve this goal.

Loss Of Mother Angel Wings Memorial Photo Blanket Personalized

Losing someone who has been by our side from the time we were in the fetus to when we are born and grow up is undoubtedly one of the most painful experiences in life. However, we should not give up but instead rise up after the pain to continue our lives. To keep the memories of our mother always close to our hearts, a personalized memorial photo blanket with angel wings is a wonderful gift.

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mom in heaven poem angle wings


A blanket with a portrait of your mother and angel wings will be a unique way to honor your beloved mother who has passed away. You can wrap it around yourself to seek a warm embrace from your mother or display it in your home as a reminder of her love.

Personalized Memorial Gift for Loss of Mother Print with Angel Wings

Photos with images of your mother and yourself are also a great idea for you to keep memories of your mother. When you see this gift, you will feel like your mother is beside you, silently watching over and protecting you. The pictures also evoke the love and sacrifice that a beautiful woman devoted to you when she was alive.
Choose a photo that you find most beautiful and meaningful about your mother and a reputable place to print the photo to have a satisfying gift.
mom in heaven poem angle wings

As I Sit In Heaven Personalized Memorial Canvas - Memorial Gifts for Loss of a Mom

The poem 'As I sit in heaven' is one of the most meaningful poems to comfort those who have unfortunately lost their beloved ones. Therefore, as a way to commemorate a mother who has been taken to heaven with angel wings, choosing As I sit in heaven Personalized Memorial Canvas is not a bad idea.
A decorative gift for your home, such as a canvas painting featuring your mom in heaven poem angel wings, will help you feel like your mother is watching over you, praying for you. So you will not feel lonely during this difficult time.
mom in heaven poem angle wings


What should I read at my mums funeral?

The day when your mother is no longer by your side is surely one of the worst days you will ever experience. You can read one of the six special poems dedicated to those who have lost their mothers at her funeral, such as Mother In Heaven, The Broken Chain, Irish Funeral Prayer, Wonderful Mother, Away.

What God says about a mother's love?

God said that children should honor and love the mother who went through the effort of giving birth to and nurturing them.

Why are mothers special to God?

Mothers represent God's love for us. A mother always gives her children boundless love without any reason. From the very moment her children were mere embryos in the womb until they first gazed upon the morning sun, a mother has loved them unconditionally. Day in and day out, for 18 years, a mother tirelessly nurtures and cares for her children.

What are inspiring words for mother?

Below are some inspiring quotes about mothers that you can refer to.

  • Sometimes, nothing can stop the power of maternal love.
  • The right to be a mother is perhaps the highest right of a woman.
  • The ability to give birth is the supreme and unparalleled power.
  • Motherhood is arguably one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences one can have.
  • ...

Perhaps through the article, you have understood the meaning of the mom in heaven poem angel wings and chosen a wonderful gift to commemorate your mother or give to someone who has lost their mother. We hope you like what Memory-Gift has shared. We're glad and thank you for taking your precious time to read our article.