Mother's day is a special occasion to honor wonderful mothers who gave birth to you. A list of touching mother's day sympathy gifts would help you to let those grieving on this day know that they are always on your mind, to show sympathy for them.

No matter how long it's been since her death, we understand that it's important to celebrate Mother's day even when she's no longer with them, to show their appreciation and gratitude for great things she had done to them, so we've compiled a list of thoughtful mother's day sympathy gifts you can send them so that they know they have some company to honor their mom on this big day.

Top 10+ thoughtful mother's day sympathy gifts

Although a mother's day without mom can be challenging, it doesn't mean that people would stop celebrating their great mom. This list 10 would help you have empathy for them and let them know they're on your mind.

Best 10+ mother's day sympathy gifts

Mother's Day customized necklace 

mother's day sympathy

This necklace with a touching quote will bring back memories of day she became a mom. It isn't easy to relieve the loss of a mom. Remember that she will always be in your spirit. Giving them this mother's day sympathy gifts will let them know they are accompanied to remind your loved one.

Personalized memorial print art gift

mother's day sympathy
With a personalized touching print and harmony colors, this Mom memorial illustration will help you show sympathy for someone whose mom passed away on mother's day
Sympathy mother's day card
mother's day sympathy
This card with a thoughtful quote will let them know you want to support them to get through after losing their mom. Let them know you're thinking of them and willing to be with them on Mother's day, to help them alleviate their pain.

Mother's day sympathy candle

mother's day sympathy

With a personalized print outside and blank space for your message, this candle would help you to send meaningful messages to someone suffering loss of mother on mother's day. Show your sympathy and lift their spirit.

Delicate heart necklace

mother's day sympathy

As you are thinking of someone whose mother passed away, each word in this package of a beautiful necklace would help you let them know you understand their thoughts, feelings after losing a loved one

Mother's day sympathy candle

mother's day sympathy
A lovely candle holder or vase would be the most meaningful mother's day sympathy gifts for those grieving for the loss of their mother. You can also add custom text to the front, inside rim or both to send your messages to them and support them

Personalized memorial blanket for mom in heaven on mother's day

mother's day sympathy

You can help your loved ones whose mom is no longer with them alleviate their pain from the loss of mom on mother's day with this meaningful blanket. Buy this mother's day sympathy gift to remind them that they will always have amazing friends and family who support them.

Personalized design necklace

mother's day sympathy
A delicate necklace featuring a unique letter or text design can help you share your feelings and experiences with those whose mom passed away.

Loss of mother candle

mother's day sympathy
To honor the most important woman in your life even when she's no longer with you on mother's day, this candle with a delicate smelt and touching quote outside will remind you of your loved one.

Personalized grave ornament
mother's day sympathy
Use this personalized memorial ornament as a useful decorative item for remembering mum, loved one, or at funerals. This ornament can be personalized with names or messages, so you can make a lovely tribute to the loss of mother.

Top 25+ Mother's day quotes for mom in heaven

These are some recommendations of mother's day quotes for mom in heaven.
- Happy mother's day to my mom. Mum, I miss you! You will always be in my mind. Wish you were here today.
- Mother your death has left me with misery, agony and pain. Mum, I love you.. each and every day. Happy mother's day mom.
- You taught me many things in life, except how to be strong after losing you. Now I have to learn how to get through the pain and bear your loss. I love you Mom
- I know you now are in heaven and still watching me, mum. There's nothing I treasure more than you love. No matter who I'm, what I'm doing, you love is still our guide, beautiful memories with you will always keep me smiling.
- You are gone now. Your death made me realize that I wasted the opportunity to express how much I love you. I love you, mom.
- You are no longer with me, but I still feel you in my heart. Happy mother's day mom.
- I will always remember what you taught me and how great your love for me was. Happy mother's day mom!
- No matter if I grew up without you, I'll always need you mom. I miss you so much.
mother's day sympathy

- In order to see you again, give you a hug, and tell you how much I love you, I would risk my life . Mum, I miss you.
- I would have continuously feigned to despise you if I had known that fate always takes the people you love the most away. I miss you Mom.
- Mom gave me a smile. In a way, her smile hugged me.

mother's day sympathy

- More than the sadness of passing is the pain of regret of not making the most of every moment we had together. Mom, I miss you.
- Nothing in heaven, on earth, or even in hell can be able to compare with the bond between you and I. Happy mother's day mom
- The word "mourning" was only one of many in the dictionary. But, it has become a way of life for me since your passing. I miss you, Mom
- I've always wished I was older so I could leave home and start my own life. But right now, all I want is to go back in time and hug my mother as a kid one more. I miss you mom.
- For every flower I have placed on your grave, I consider all things you did to make my life as lovely and fragrant as a bed of flowers. Happy mother's day mom
- Your death has made my life a living hell as you've gone. I miss you mom.

mother's day sympathy
- Mom, I wish you were here today. I want to hear your voice, see you smile.. I will hold you tight and tell you how much I love you so much. Happy mother's day mom!
- My memories of being brought by a great mother make me who I am today. I truly want to say you're the best mom ever! I miss you Mom
- I might not be able to see you in person any more. I still feel you in my heart even when you're now in heaven mom. Send all my love to you. Happy mother's day.
- No matter what I do to get through the loss of you Mom. Deep down inside, I will always want to hold you tight again and never let go. I miss you Mom.
- Death can not take you away from me. It doesn't know you will always live in my soul, my mind, my heart for infinite

What to say to someone who lost their mother on Mother's Day?

Mother's day is just a couple of weeks away. For many of us, Mother's day is a special holiday for us to say thanks to our great mom. But for those whose mom has passed away, mother's day could be a painful reminder. Here is something you should say to support them or to help them get through their loss on Mother's day.

  •  Your mom was a great person. We will miss her
  • You don't have to pretend to be strong today
  •  I'm deeply sorry for your loss. I'm aware of the bond relationship between you and your mom.
  •  I'm here for you today and every day. I want to support you. Let me know if there's anything I could help.
  •  I'll be there for you however you need me
  •  Do you want to talk about any special memories you had with your mother?

There are also some worst things you should not say to a grieving person:

  • Stop crying
  • How are you doing
  • You'll soon be okay
  • Just give it time. Time heals everything
  • I understand your feelings and what you're thinking
  • Let's stay busy and don't mind it

Mother's Day can be challenging for anyone who has lost their mother, whether they are young or old, whether it has been two months or twenty years. Friends and family's love and simple acknowledgement can go a long way. Let's choose the most meaningful mother's day sympathy gift and spend time with those who struggle with grief after their loss of mom on mother's day.