Name a star memorial gift is an extraordinary and thoughtful consolation give that is able to provide solace and back up to an individual who is lamenting. In this article, Memory Gift Shop will provide you with information related to the process of naming a star and taking it as a meaningful gift to remember your loved ones.

How expensive is it to name a star after you?

Officially naming a star involves an intricate process that can only be done by recognized astronomical organizations for scholarly purposes. Individuals can officially name stars themselves, making the true cost very high.

However, several companies offer "unofficial" star naming as gifts where they register the star name in their own catalogs and provide accompanying materials to create a memorable experience for the recipient. These star naming gifts typically range in price from around $10 to $100 or more, depending on the extent of the package.

Lower cost options may involve just a star name registration and certificate while higher cost gifts provide more materials like detailed star maps, constellation guides, personalized plaques, and sometimes telescopic tools.

Name a Star Memorial Gift for Lost Deceaced

Designate a star after a cherished one using the Intergalactic Star Registry and display them exactly what a star they're to you! The exclusive star will likely be titled within the Intergalactic Star Registry for eternity making this a gift for eternity.

The gift is an ideal technique to each celebrate and commemorate household and buddies. Inside the reward field, you may uncover your own Intro Letter, Customized Certificate, Star Location Coordinates Sheet, Map of your Night time

Sky and Guide towards the Northern Constellations Book.

The Intergalactic Star Registry would love to say that despite the fact that we get terrific delight in our product or service and solutions, it really is offered as an enjoyable present and scientific and astronomical institutes will proceed to consult with and designate stars by variety only.

It truly is also feasible that choice star naming corporations could allocate your star having a distinct name on their registry. The Intergalactic Star Registry has no affiliation with other star naming corporations and may confident you that after a star has long been allocated on our registry it isn't going to be renamed or re-allocated without your consent.

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How Do You Name a Star for a Deceased Person?

The majority of the stars in the night sky are nameless and are distinguished only by a boring scientific catalog number. With the Brand a Star Reward Field, you'll be able to formally allocate any designation you desire to just one of such fiery balls of gas.

name a star memorial gift

The Name a star memorial gift box includes everything you need to register your star with the Star Registry as well as the astronomical details to locate it in the night sky. After registration, you'll receive a confirmation certificate detailing your star's new name. The Star Registry is cataloged in the British Library.

Here are the steps to name a star after a deceased person:

  1. Choose a star naming company. Many companies offer unofficial star naming as gifts. Research reviews and compare options to find a reputable company.
  2. Select a star to name. Some companies will assign you a random star, while others give you tools to search catalogs and pick a specific star based on location, brightness, etc.
  3. Choose a name for the star. Pick a meaningful name to honor the deceased, reflecting something they loved or represented. Consider their nickname, a significant date, or a special phrase.
  4. Complete the registration form. Provide the star name you've chosen along with the deceased person's name and your contact details. Pay the company's fee, ranging from $10 to $100 or more depending on the package.
  5. Receive your gift package. The company will mail you certificates, star maps, guides, and other materials confirming your unofficial star name registration. You can locate the star using the provided maps and coordinates.
  6. Share the gift. Gift the star naming to family or friends of the deceased as a meaningful way to honor and remember their loved one, pointing out their star in the night sky forever.

Name a Star Gift Box to Remember One's

The Name a Star Gift Box is a unique and personalized gift for loved ones. The star naming opportunity within a beautiful tin box makes for an impressive yet affordable present.

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The recipient receives instructions on how to register and name their star, as well as star maps and information sheets inside the box. While the gifted star may be too faint to see with the naked eye, the recipient can locate it on sky maps and point it out to others.

name a star memorial gift

Some highlights from customers: naming a star after a deceased relative made the gift extra special; the quick delivery and high quality presentation were impressive for the affordable price; children enjoyed finding and telling others about "their" unique star that no one else could claim.

The gift works for people of all ages, from grandchildren to elderly fathers celebrating a milestone birthday. Customers loved the idea of giving a present that will literally last a life time by naming a star in the heavens as a memorial.
Overall, reviewers were happy with their purchases and would recommend the Name a Star Gift Box from IWOOT.


1. Can You Name a Star as a Gift?

Indeed, businesses supply the possibility to designate stars as gifts. For any fee, the business may sign up an unofficial star designate within their catalogue and offer the beneficiary using a certification, road maps, and other items.

Although the titled star is probably not formally recognized by astronomers, the present supplies a unique and unforgettable encounter for the beneficiary because of being able to pinpoint and pin down "their particular" star within the nighttime sky.

2. Is Naming Star Legitimate?

While star naming gifts may offer an unforgettable undergo, the names tend to be illegitimate and never noticed via astronomers. Star naming corporations operate even more for leisure applications rather than formalized report maintenance.
Yet, for the common beneficiary who does not point to an astronomically sound star brand, the practical experience can nevertheless possibly be seen as real and authorized.

Name a star memorial gift delivers an extraordinary and long-enduring tribute that may continue to radiance for a long time to come. Memory-gift hopes that it works as a wonderful reminder of the bond that was shared with the departed.