What to get your daughter for her first Mother's day is the most searched question when Mother's day comes and everybody searches for personalized first mother's day gifts ideas. Anything that carries the phrase "first" is always important and should be celebrated with grandeur. But what I'm about to suggest below to you will be so great, a list of personalized first Mothers day gifts is definitely more essential than a clichéd wish!

You don't have to be so rigid about whether she just had a baby or her baby is almost 1 year old, just this is her first year as a mother, and she deserves to receive one of the best first Mother's day gifts. The fact that you take the time to search and choose a gift that suits her interests and needs is a beautiful act to be commended. You may not know, but at this stage, some new mothers will be quite overwhelmed (and sometimes depressed) with starting a new ministry, and receiving personalized first Mothers day gifts from a partner or baby can make her feel better and motivated enough to adapt to this phase.

Top Personalized First Mothers Day Gifts – Psychological Gifts That a New Mother Desperately Needs

Stop for a moment! Before I take a look at this pricey collection of mine, let me introduce why you should trust the products included in this list. Not long ago, my beloved sister had good news and I couldn't stop looking forward to the day my beautiful grandchild was born. In the meantime, I've scoured the internet for days and put together this precious list, it includes some timeless gifts, some simple or classy, but what's special is this: They have guaranteed prices that won't break your budget!

Read now the most honest reviews right below to find the answer to the question "What to get your daughter for her first Mother's day" from parents!

Custom Photo Star Map Canvas Wall Art

At the top of this list is a gift that is not too strange for many people - canvas decor. You're probably thinking why give a new mom a keepsake instead of something more practical? But trust me, millions of people choose this product as a way to celebrate the wonderful moment of being a first-time mom.

The reason this gift is so attractive is that in this day and age, people appreciate recording memories more because the time when a special moment happened has passed, we cannot hold it back. Count on this superb waterproof canvas with state-of-the-art printing, it's definitely durable enough that 20 years from now, she'll still remember the deep vibes of 1st time motherhood when she looks back on this design.

personalized first mothers day gifts


Mama Bear Star Map Canvas Prints

Once again I'm back to the canvas, I'm suggesting to the new mom's parents or her partner that they might have more options. With the design above, it's too difficult to have a good (life-worthy) photo of her, so choose this design. Both are custom star maps and add perfect personalization.

If you are not familiar with the star map, let me introduce a bit about it. This star map is not just for beauty, it is a map of the location of the stars at the very moment the child was born. This design is personalized with the moment (including date, time, and address) the baby is born so if you provide more detailed information it could be the only star map in the world. It's worth looking forward to, isn't it, if she knows the meaning of this gift, she will surely burst into tears of happiness.

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first mother's day gifts


Elephant Baby Blanket

As soon as I saw this adorable fleece blanket, I completely fell. Just imagine the new mom will have tears in her eyes as she reads every word on this blanket, it's really touching. What's more important is that our fleece blankets come in 3 sizes small - medium - large to suit all shopping needs. I give a perfect 10 for the quality of the 100% polyester fur which is suitable for all moms and babies.

The special thing you should not miss is Mother's Day is coming and Memory-gift is having a 5% discount program for new purchases. Just leave your email and you'll get the code right in your inbox.

what to get your daughter for her first mother's day


Photo Frame Gift Box

A gift box is the most basic gift and if you are too short of ideas, you can give her this gift basket. Alright, let's see what's in there! The focus of the gift basket is a personalized photo block with the most beautiful mother-daughter image, next can tell a handwritten note for you to write her the most impressive words yourself, in addition, if fragrant, feather matchbox and chocolate truffles. Everything is beautifully packaged in a paper box and your job is to give it to the new mom.

personalized first mothers day gifts

Sonogram Keychain for Mama To Be

This gift is perfect for the expecting mother and is sure to give her closeness to her baby's ultrasound photo. In addition, the box is also perfectly personalized and special to look at the keychain when it is too monotonous to give as a gift.

first mother's day gifts

Custom Baby Face Coffe Mug

I already own a similar mug from this store and it's super durable, so when I found another one for the first mother's day theme, I had to scream with joy. Ceramic is perfect for a morning cup of coffee and it is also microwave and dishwasher-safe. In addition, not to mention the quality of the ink, is smooth and clear. Many other places sell mugs a lot cheaper but of course, after only a few days you will no longer see the design printed on the original mug. The design is just too adorable and I couldn't resist looking at it for a few more minutes. Let me see some more time :)

what to get your daughter for her first mother's day


To My Mom Necklace

Jewelry is every woman's best friend and new moms are no exception. If this necklace is too ordinary, the highlight of the gift lies in the accompanying personalized card. This is a gift from a baby she will love. Let her put her "meat at the top heart" next to her every day.

first mother's day gifts

New Mom Scented Candle

The journey to having a baby and starting a new ministry can be a difficult one when everything is new to her. Some new moms regularly report that she feels stressed and sometimes depressed after giving birth. Don't let that get in the way of her joy of being a mother. I have a great suggestion for you with this scented candle. There are 7 scents from the familiar like vanilla to the strange smell like sea breeze, pumpkin and ginger.

If you are too confused about choosing what scent will make her like, buy a set of 7 scents for her to relax in this special period. Remember, only children have to choose, adults will buy them all!

personalized first mothers day gifts

Reveal Ultrasound Picture Frame

Don't forget that new grandparents need to be celebrated too! A heavy cardboard easel is attached to a wooden frame. You can add your own wall hardware if you want, but these are for tabletop presentations only. New grandparents will be happy and equally delighted with this special photo frame.

first mother's day gifts

Custom Mother Night Light for Bedroom

A meaningful gift does not come from how much it costs, but simply from an act of caring from the heart. That's why I recommend this night light to someone looking for personalized first Mothers day gifts. Bring some familiar soft light into the mother and baby's room, and add a little familiarity with this photo of herself with her newborn baby. A lamp with a golden light will give her comfort and warmth because, at this critical stage, she needs attention to detail instead of empty words of encouragement. Let's take action instead of just talking!

what to get your daughter for her first mother's day

Mam Bear T-shirts

Don't think about overly complicated and expensive gifts that are beyond your financial means. A new mom doesn't need much because she has her whole world now (a lovely baby), instead give her a practical gift to honor her efforts in her journey of motherhood. Start it off with this super adorable pairing set for both mom and baby. Don't worry, there are all three basic colors for you to easily choose according to your new mom's style. This is a great first Mother's Day combo that few people think about. Any mama bear will go crazy with this idea.

personalized first mothers day gifts

Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Frame Kit

There's nothing better than creating a new gift for your baby when he's just born. This is not simply a gift set, it will include mold, clay, a table stand, and a wall mount to keep forever memories of your baby's first journey to this beautiful world. Everything seems simple, but it has great meaning. This gift will be part of a collection that marks the child's journey to adulthood. Create the best achievements for mom and baby right now!

first mother's day gifts

Watercolor Photo Canvas Wall Art

Stop for a moment, you don't think this is a picture! Actually, this is the mentality and effect that we want to create when designing this product. You know it's really not cheap to pay for a painting, but we have engineered it to look like a real mother and baby picture. Surely the new mother will be surprised and full of happiness when receiving this gift.

In addition, we also offer 8 different popular sizes to suit every budget and decoration purpose. If it's a desktop canvas, just buy 8x10 or 11x14, but if you want her to be able to brag a little bit about this artwork, go for 16x20 and up which will look great better than that!

what to get your daughter for her first mother's day


Mom Est. Travel Cup

I don't know what your family's tradition is, but in my house, new moms always need to drink warm water to keep their health in the best shape. And as soon as I saw this design, I immediately thought of buying one for my sister to have good news. It has perfect insulation and retains heat well so she can drink warm water all day. Also, I absolutely love the light design with these colorful flowers, it's exceptionally timeless and she can last forever. Edge-to-edge printing keeps the whole tumbler free from a dead angle. In my opinion, everything is perfect!

first mother's day gifts

Gender Reveal Announcement Gift

Well, you've seen the beauty of bringing technology into every piece of art. This wonderful gift is completely personalized with your baby's ultrasound image, a short text to say love, and best of all, a color palette that's enough to highlight everything. My whole family couldn't stop admiring this work of art, it is so excellent from the color scheme to the quality of the printed images on the canvas which are really vivid. With a wide palette of colors, you can easily choose a color that matches your new mom's home.

personalized first mothers day gifts

Personalized Watercolor Photo Plaque with LED

This excellent plaque will make it easy for her to enjoy her beautiful photo with the soft yellow tone from the lamp. Everything looks so luxurious and perfect. If you think it's excellent, then the price won't come cheap. But no, it's incredibly affordable and I bet you can make it onto your list of gift ideas for new moms.


1. What do new moms want for Mothers day?

  • Personalized gifts such as a photo album, a piece of jewelry with the baby's name, or a customized mug.
  • Spa day - New moms can be exhausted and stressed out from the constant care of their newborn, so treating them to a spa day or massage can be a wonderful way to help them relax and unwind.
  • Quality time - New moms often have their hands full with their new babies, so offering to spend quality time with them can be a meaningful gift.
  • Practical items - New moms can also appreciate practical gifts such as a baby carrier or stroller, nursing pillow, or breast pump.

2. Tips to help choose gifts for new moms

  • It can be difficult to select a present for a new mother, especially if you are unsure of her needs or preferences. Here are some suggestions to assist you in selecting a considerate and useful gift:
  • Ponder about her interests - Take into account the new mother's leisure activities or favorite pastimes.
  • Inquire about her requirements or wants if you're unsure of what to gift the new mother.
  • The demands of a newborn infant will be different from those of an older baby, so keep this in mind. Toys or clothes may not be as helpful for a baby this young as baby carriers or swaddling blankets.
  • Consider practically - Practical presents like diaper bags, baby monitors, or nursing pads are frequently appreciated by new mothers.
  • Look for alternatives that may be customized; this is a great way to express your support and affection.
  • Think about experiences: These may be a terrific way to give the new mom a break and provide an enjoyable experience.

Remember that showing the new mother that you care about her and value all she does is the most crucial thing you can do. Whichever present you select, make sure it is heartfelt and demonstrates your support during this joyful yet trying time.

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All in all, it's not difficult to find the perfect answer to the question of what to get your daughter for her first Mother's day, it's important to consider her preferences and be aware of gifts she can use right away. this or for the near future. With my list of personalized first Mothers day gifts, you are sure to find an interesting gift that new moms always need. Don't wait any longer, Mother's Day is approaching and if you make it a last-minute gift, I bet she won't make it in time for her special day.