Lighting a remembrance candle for dad in heaven can provide comfort when you miss him the most! The warm glow of a candle reminder of his spirit soaring high helps ease the pain of his absence. The right one of the best ways to feel close to your dad after he has passed is with memorial gifts for dad like remembrance candle that burns bright, signifying his eternal soul. Selecting the perfect remembrance candle can keep his memory alive in your heart.

With this in mind, I have compiled a wonderful collection of candles to preserve your happiest memories of him. Find out which gift will impress you at first sight.

What do you put on a memory candle?

Here are some meaningful ways to personalize a remembrance candle for a lost loved one, written with a high degree of human writing style:

1. Their Name

Inscribe their name gently but deliberately onto the candle, whether with a marker or etching it into the wax. Their name, more than anything, brings them immediately to mind. Adding their name to the candle you light in their memory richly evokes who it honors.

2. A Poem or Prayer

Write a simple poem or prayer on a strip of paper and place it beside the candle. As the paper curls in the candle's warmth, the words you speak to light carry upward, reminding you of the essence of your loved one in a tender, intimate way. The right words can be more comforting than anything.

3. A Photo

Arrange a photo of your person - a favorite image that captures their spirit - somewhere it can be gently lit by the candle's glow. As you sit in wordless remembrance, their face will come alive for a moment, joining you across the threshold between memory and now. When you miss them most, there they are.

4. Small Mementos

Include any small objects closely tied to your history together - a favorite pin, a toy they held dear, a dried flower from a special place. Simple objects become portals to the past, activating deep feelings of love, closeness and loss that only they could evoke within you.

An Everlasting Light: The Best Remembrance Candle For Dad In Heaven

When the light in your father's eyes is dimmed, lighting a candle in his memory can rekindle hope within your heart. From essential oils diffusing pillars burning for weeks to votive candles etched with your dad's name, certain remembrance candles light the way through grief by reigniting treasured moments you shared.

As I Sit in Heaven Remembrance Candle

This remembrance candle for dad in heaven is a thoughtful gift for those who have recently lost a loved one. The personalized candle, etched with your father's name and date of his passing, features the beautiful poem "As I Sit in Heaven" delicately designed in butterfly wings on the jar.

Made from soy wax and cotton wicks for a clean burn, this candle provides over 50 hours of soft lighting while its wide range of soothing fragrances help create a tranquil ambiance in memories of your father in heaven.

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remembrance candle for dad in heaven

Memorial Candle With Picture Missing You Always

If you want a thoughtful, personalized way to honor and remember your lost father, you should buy the AMemorial Candle With Picture Missing You Always.

This high-quality commemorative candle features your dad's photo placed prominently on the circular label, along with his name and date of passing, providing a simple yet poignant way to keep his memory alive. The product description poetry reads "Missing You Always" - a gentle yet accurate reflection for those in mourning.

Crafted from 85/15 soy blend wax that burns clean for around 50 hours, while emanating a calming vanilla scent from the 9oz hand-poured jar candle, this product offers thoughtful comfort during tough times.

The candle is made in the USA and comes in either pink or white wax colors, with a black metal screw top lid to ensure safety.

remembrance candle for dad in heaven

Engraved Memorial Glass Hurricane Candle Holder

The candle holder offers a beautiful way to commemorate and remember lost loved ones. The tall glass hurricane design holds a 3 inch pillar candle (sold separately), and can be personalized with your father's name and years of birth and death underneath a meaningful quote - creating a lasting memorial on display.

As with all handcrafted glass, the hurricane candle holder may feature some minor air bubbles and subtle markings, adding natural charm and one-of-a-kind character. Measuring 10 inches tall by 7 inches in diameter, the sturdy glass structure provides ample space to hold a candle burning for days, while the simplistic yet elegant shape allows the personalized engraving to really stand out.

remembrance candle for dad in heaven

A Father's Goodbye Sympathy Candle

This candle offers a touching tribute to remember and honor your departed father. The unscented 8-inch tall pillar candle is personalized with his name, birth, and death dates as well as the deeply moving poem "A Father's Goodbye" printed on the label - quiet yet profound words to reminisce by as candlelight.

Made of high-quality wax devoid of artificial scents, the 3-inch diameter candle features a realistic flickering LED flame base instead of an open flame, providing safe, tranquil illumination for up to 100 hours on 3 AAA batteries. The simple yet elegant pillar shape and minimalist design allow the personalized details and meaningful poem to truly shine through.

remembrance candle for dad in heaven

In Memory of Dad Cardinal Candle

If you want an exquisitely meaningful memorial for your father, this cardinal candle is made for you. Its eloquent design features a vigilant cardinal perched atop a family tree, keeping watch over your loved one's branch for eternity.

The entire candle transforms into a sacred shrine once you engrave your dad's name and birth year onto the label, bathing his memory in the candle's warm, vanilla-scented glow for hours. Handcrafted with care from nontoxic soy wax, this heirloom piece will become the focal point for cherishing your father's spirit anytime you need to feel close to him again.

remembrance candle for dad in heaven

The Green Remembrance Candle

The Green Remembrance Candle offers a dignified way to honor your father's memory in your own home. The elegant handmade pillar candle features a natural wood wick and fragrant soy wax blend that burns for over 85 hours, bathing your surroundings in a warm glow as you sit in remembrance of your loved one.

Measuring just over 4 inches tall with a simple rounded shape, this 14 ounce memorial candle provides understated yet profound companionship during those quiet moments you need to feel close to your father again. Made with premium fragrance oils in the USA, the Green Remembrance Candle exudes quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design - attributes that will only grow more meaningful over time as it becomes a lasting fixture for cherishing his memory.

remembrance candle for dad in heaven

Personalized Memorial Candle

Once purchased, send in a photo of your dad for the maker to print onto the front of the candle, creating a touching centerpiece that keeps his memory close every time you light it.

The 7-inch-tall candle features a photo-realistic flickering LED flame base instead of an open flame for safety, providing up to 100 hours of soft amber light that beautifully illuminates your father's printed image. Two AA batteries power the remote-controlled flame settings, giving you full control over the light's intensity and warmth.

Handmade with paraffin wax for a realistic candle texture, this personalized gift becomes a focal point for cherishing memories of your father in heaven every night as you sit beside its comforting glow.

remembrance candle for dad in heaven

Memorial Jar Candle

For those who want a comforting yet poignant way to honor their father's memory, the Memorial Jar Candle offers a fitting remembrance.

Featuring space to engrave your dad's name, birth and death dates directly onto the wax itself, this 18 ounce hand-poured soy candle becomes a sacred shrine for his spirit the moment you light the wick. As the candle burns for over 100 hours, emitting one of three soothing scents - vanilla, lavender or eucalyptus - the engraved details and accompanying "father's goodbye" inscription bath your surroundings in serene amber light, allowing cherished memories to resurface afresh with each flicker of the flame.

Crafted by skilled artisans in the USA, the simple yet profound design of this memorial gift - from the wide mouth jar evoking eternity to the fragrant wax embodying his lingering presence - makes it an indispensable companion for those quiet moments you need to feel close to your father again.

remembrance candle for dad in heaven

Your Light Remains Custom Memorial Candle

This personalized candle features space to engrave your dad's name and a short sentiment on the simple bamboo label, turning it into a lasting memorial that bathes you in warm light as you reminisce. Crafted from non-toxic soy wax with a soft vanilla fragrance, the 3 1/2 inch tall candle provides a calming ambiance for around 50 hours - time to discover anew his lingering influence on your life through the words you chose to dedicate to his memory.

The simple yet poetic phrase printed on the candle - "There are some who bring a light so bright to the world, that their light remains even after they are gone" - could not ring truer for those mourning the loss of a father. Once his name and your chosen sentiment grace its label, this custom candle becomes a beacon for cherishing his spirit from within your own home.

remembrance candle for dad in heaven

What candle do you burn for remembrance?

At Memory-gift, I recommend unscented remembrance candles to honor lost loved ones. The simplicity of an unadorned flame allows their spirit to truly shine through. Whether tall pillar candles for prolonged burning or votives flickering softly, what matters most are the personal details etched into the wax: their name, a meaningful phrase, and dates that mark the span of their light in this world. It is this personalization that transforms a simple candle into a sacred space honoring their memory.

What is the significance of lighting a candle after death?

Lighting a candle after someone passes on brings comfort by carrying their essence up into the light of eternity.

The flame becomes a sacred symbol of their immortal soul now set free, yet still connected to us through cherished memories. As the candle transforms the wax bowl, so their spirit continues shaping who we become.

Its warmth and glow bathe our weariness, easing heavy hearts by recalling how they brightened our lives. Though now beyond our seeing, their light remains aglow within - rekindled each time we light a candle in remembrance.


Lighting a remembrance candle in memory of our fathers in heaven connects us deeply to their enduring spirit, reminding us that though now out of sight, they remain forever in our hearts.

The custom details engraved in the wax - your dad's name and sentiments that capture his essence - transform the simple candle into a beacon to guide you through the darkness of grief, bathing you in its warm glow as you sit in cherished memories of the times you shared.

Whether its the fragrant flame of an heirloom cardinal candle symbolizing his eternal watch over the family, or the long burn of an unscented pillar candle etch with his favorite phrase, finding the right remembrance candle for dad in heaven to honor him in heaven brings comfort - for the flame becomes a sacred symbol of his immortal soul still shining its light within you, ready to rekindle your hope whenever you need feel close to him again.

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