Sending missing my sister in heaven messages included with the sympathy gift is one sentimental thing to do when someone lost their sister.

There is nothing like the bond of siblings, and when one sibling dies, it feels like a piece of the family is missing. If you have lost your sister in heaven, these messages and ideas will help you feel connected to her and keep her memory alive. Each one is special in its own way, so pick your favorites and share them with your loved ones.

If you are looking for special memorial gifts, in addition to the messages below, consider creating a scrapbook or Memory Book to celebrate your sister's life. You can also plant a tree in honor of your sister or make a donation to a charity that was important to her. Honor her memory in any way that feels right to you – the most important thing is that you take some time to remember and celebrate her beautiful life

Sister in heaven gift ideas for funeral

Our list is here, there are all sympathy gift options. Check out the links below for the unique and stunning memorial gift for a loved one:

  • A framed portrait of their beloved
  • A pair of cozy slippers or socks
  • Several of their preferred snacks or beverages
  • A custom memorial tumbler
  • An ethereal candle
  • Several calming bathroom products
  • A lovely pendant necklace

sister in heaven


Missing my sister in heaven messages

Losing a sibling is hard, but it may comfort one with a sentimental gift with suitable quote or message on it. You can refer to some of the messages below:

  • My life would be like a book without page numbers without my sister. The narrative will continue, but it might seem out of sequence.
  • My sister, whose spirit has faded to a whisper, is someone I miss.
  • The gift I never asked for but have always wanted was my sister.
  • When I see two sisters, I always smile before crying. That kind of love is now difficult to find, but I once had it.
  • I didn't always miss my sister when she was alive, but now I can't stop.
  • Like sisters, death also dons a hood that is impermanent.
  • Like she always made me feel, I hope my sister is at peace.
  • I may not have my sister here, but we will always have each other.
  • My sister resrbike Sleeping Beauty until the day our fates coincide.
  • Though memories deteriorate with time, my sister will always be a part of me.
  • Losing a sister is similar to misplacing your keys because you can always find them if you look long enough.

sister in heaven

Personalized canvas gift for loss of sister

There are many special kinds of sympathy gift to give someone who lost a sister or brother.

With this simple and direct yet heartfelt photo print, you can express your condolences and respect the memory of the dearly departed. To make the print into a touching memorial gift for the grieving family, add some text in place of "In Loving Memory" and a picture of the deceased loved one.

A personalized canvas for loss of brother or sister is the most meaningful gift to encourage someone who lost their beloved siblings

Custom blanket with a picture

These days, photos come in a variety of sizes and shapes. A gift like this memorial photo blanket can make someone's day a little easier, whether you know someone who is grieving over the recent loss of their sister or they are about to mark the anniversary of her passing.

This blanket is offered in several different sizes and a variety of fabrics, including soft woven, sweatshirt, minky, and sherpa. It can be further personalized with a phrase and the name of the deceased in addition to the photos that are included.

Sister in heaven photo frame

A lovely memorial photo frame for a person who was lovely on the inside and out. One decorative item is more than just a pretty wall hanging; it was handcrafted in the USA and have a product guarantee for every customer. A beautiful sister who will never be forgotten has a fitting memorial.

sister in heaven

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Finally, if you’re looking for the perfect way to show your sister how much you love and miss her, we’ve got just what you need. Our selection of beautiful sister in heaven messages and gifts are sure to touch her heart. Choose from a variety of heartfelt cards, touching poems, or lovely gift ideas that will let your sister know she’s always in your thoughts. We know she’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness. Have you found the perfect message or gift for your sister? Share it with us in the comments below!