Until we meet again sister... What else are you going to say? Memory-Gift understands that it can be difficult to say goodbye to someone you love. So we bring you meaningful quotes and poems to help you say goodbye to your sister. Hopefully, these sayings and poems can help you feel more at ease during this difficult time.
It is very difficult to overcome the sadness of losing a loved one. In fact, there are quite a few ways that can help you ease that pain. We present to you some of the effective methods we have collected below.

How to ease the sadness of losing your sister

Sometimes you can become depressed because you remember your precious sister who left you. You can soothe your soul in a few ways.
1. Listen to a song about sisterhood, like:
“Older Sister” song by Carly Simon.
Sister Oh Sister” song by Rosanne Cash.
“Most Girls” song by Hailee Steinfeld.
“Girl on Fire” song by Alicia Keys.
"Dance Little Sister" song by The Rolling Stones.
“I'll Keep You Safe” song by Sleeping at Last.
When listening to a song, what the song conveys is the feeling you are having, it will help you feel like you are shared. Your sadness and longing for her will be somewhat lessened.
2. Buy a gift related to your sister
A gift related to your sister will help you feel that her presence is always near you, and you will somewhat feel more secure and forget the painful feeling of separation. Choose any gift you want, only you will understand what will remind you of your beloved sister.
3. Pray for your sister in heaven
Unbelievers might find it strange, but Catholicism has a strong tradition of praying for the dead, which is reinforced by the Catechism, the Church's funeral liturgy, and Old Testament readings. So, if you are a religious person, pray for your sister whenever your heart misses her.
Prayer is not only asking for peace for your sister in heaven, but it also helps you feel more secure about your sister. When you can't be with that person anymore, you pray to let your sister rest in peace.
The above ways only partly help you to ease the sadness of losing your dear sister. Because there is no way to fill the emptiness when a person is no longer in our hearts.
Quotes or poems can express the loss of your heart right now.

Quotes that start with "Until we meet again sister"

Someone once said: "If you must part ways with someone, never say goodbye. Instead, say "See you later" or "In until the next time." A final goodbye is the same as a never again."
So the quote means equivalent to "Until we meet again sister" clearly expresses your wish to see your sister again, a belief that the two of you can meet again. Your sister will always live in your heart forever.
  1. "I'll remember your face, and I won't say goodbye to you, sister, because I know we'll cross paths again when we least expect it."
  2. "I will be able to recognize your face in a faraway area. I won't bid you farewell because we'll run into each other again."
  3. "We are all content. Let's meet again and smile, my sister. Let's be family again. Love my sister."

Meaningful poem to my sister in heaven

I went back in time to those years of our youth today.
I experienced our early years with you, and wow, it was enjoyable!
Our many dances and performances, but never our secrets
As we started today's voyage into our teen years,
I got to my feet and laughed till it literally shook what was left of my own spirit.
Our graduation days weren't far off if we kept going.
Our routes led us fast to maturity, where we spent a lot of time.
Our mother and the infants kept us quite busy.
We had those quiet times together,
and I'm so pleased we did because
I'll always treasure them.
My younger sister, be kind and true till we cross paths again.
Because you have always been and will continue to be my source of light.
I will always love you, and until we cross paths again,
I shall live on those double dares and pinky swears.

The poem is about nostalgia for the deceased sister

You called my name,
and when I turned to look,
you weren't there.
These four walls could tell me
how you felt if they could communicate.
You fall asleep from your tears.
Nobody can understand your suffering.
Never felt such a void before.
I can no longer talk to you about
my troubled thoughts because this abyss is enveloping me.
I've lost you to the darkness,
yet no harm can come to thee
Please don't forget me, older sister, till we reconnect.
Even though you appear so far away, I'm in agony.

How to say goodbye to a sister for good and send her a prayer for happiness

Whether you are saying goodbye for the final time or for a very long time, finding the right words can be difficult. How can you leave someone who has always stood by your side? You can actually say goodbye for good to your beloved sister in a number of ways. To say farewell to your sister, you can use a quote, a song, a poem, or even a prayer.

1. You can say goodbye to your deceased sister with a quote

"No matter how far away you are from me, where you are, or how frequently we are together, I will always feel in my heart and soul that you are mine. I recognize that wanting something I can't have forever is selfish."

2. You can say goodbye to your sister in heaven with a poem

Why didn't I notice your wings
When were you here with me?
You closed your eyes
and I heard the faint flutter of your wings as you ascended.
Your physical body is no longer on this side.
Because your spirit is constantly present,
I can see your halo.
I can imagine the vibrant wings around me
in both my happiest and darkest moments
when I close my eyes.
My darling sister,
You have a mission that God has given you,
You are my sister forever and always.
[John Edna]

3. Your farewell to your sister through a prayer

"Jesus, my Savior. You are already aware of the dates of our birth, passing through this world, and coming back. You were aware that our loved one wouldn't be with us today. You have our gratitude for allowing us to spend time with them. As we go through this grieving process, Lord, we humbly beg that you provide us with a deep feeling of serenity. We know that no one can ever completely replace our loved one and we want you to fill the vacuum left in our lives with your love. May you be our only source of comfort. Christ's sacred name. Amen."
"O Lord, comfort us in our sorrow so that we may share in your suffering, as your mother cried on your cross.
Just like a seed planted in the ground, you have given us the gift of eternal life; keep us constantly dead to sin and alive to God.
Teach us to treasure our private spiritual relationship with you and the Father because, as the world's shepherd, you hid yourself in death.
Permit those who are in sin to hear your voice and come to life again. As the "new Adam," you descended among the dead to set all the upright who had been there from the beginning free.
Permit those who are in sin to hear your voice and come to life again. As the "new Adam," you descended among the dead to set all the upright who had been there from the beginning free.
Child of God who is alive, you have allowed us to be buried with you in baptism; grant that we may also rise with you in baptism and encounter new life. Amen."


1. How can I say goodbye to my sister?
You can say goodbye to your sister in many different ways. You can use quotes, poems, songs, wishes, prayers, etc.
2. How do you write a heartfelt goodbye letter?
Simple Goodbye Forms you can use to write a heartfelt goodbye letter are:
  • You will be missed, my dear.
  • Bye, my friend.
  • We shall certainly miss you.
  • We shall always remember you.
  • Until we meet again.
  • I will never forget you.
  • I appreciate the recollections.
Besides the sentence pattern "until we meet again sister" you have many other ways to say goodbye to your beloved sister. Saying goodbye is never easy, whether it's a temporary goodbye or a final goodbye. A person can be let go in a number of situations and at a number of times. It's not required to bid farewell formally or completely. Spread it out over a few days or trips if you have time. Memory-Gift hope that what we bring in this article can help you in those difficult times.