Facing the pain of losing a loved one is terrifying and painful for anyone. The solution with an As I Sit in Heaven Photo blanket from Memory-gift or simply an As I Sit in Heaven blanket will help someone struggling with emotional pain get relief. Because of this memorial blankets, I have created the most impressive list so that you can easily find insights in each product.

How to comfort someone going through the pain of losing a loved one

Facing pain requires real courage when many people often choose to avoid or sink into the real abyss. To cheer up someone who is facing the death of a loved one, empty words are not advisable, instead, take practical action to lift them up. Understanding this, I have compiled the most subtle ways from psychologists so you can help them relieve this pain, not necessarily the wound will heal immediately, but it will slowly heal.

  1. Be present. Just showing up and spending time with the person can mean a lot. Offer a hug if it feels right.
  2. Listen. Let the person talk about their loved one and share memories. Simply listening can be very comforting. Avoid trying to offer solutions or justify what happened.
  3. Offer practical help. Offer to help with tasks like cooking, cleaning, and running errands. Grief often saps a person's energy.
  4. Remind them of your ongoing support. Let them know you're there for the long haul, not just in the immediate aftermath. Grief often comes in waves.
  5. Share stories. Share any positive memories you have of their loved one. This helps keep the person's memory alive.
  6. Respect their grieving process. Everyone grieves differently. Avoid judgments and simply accept how the person needs to grieve.
  7. Avoid cliches. Phrases like "They're in a better place now" can seem trite and insensitive.
  8. Encourage self-care. Suggest the person try to eat well, get enough sleep and spend time outside. Grief takes a physical toll.
  9. Be patient. The grieving process takes time. Check-in often in the weeks and months following the loss.

The most important thing is to be present, listen and let the person know they're not alone. While you can't take away their pain, your compassion and support can help lighten the burden. I hope this helps and I'm sorry for their loss.

Snuggled in an Angel's Care with As I Sit in Heaven Blanket

The two most common sayings that each of us will say is "Hello" and "Goodbye". Yes, everyone comes and goes in different ways, and what each of us needs to do is greet them cheerfully and say goodbye. I know that losing a loved one is an unbearable feeling. It is the torment from the mind to the body of anyone. If that person is mentally unstable, most likely foolish things will happen and you don't want it to happen at all. Then do something human - give them a memorial gift to keep them motivated through this difficult time.

So, you're ready to check out my list with the unique collection of As I Sit in Heaven blanket that you can only find at Memory-gift?

Purple Hummingbird Sympathy Throw Blanket

This eye-catching throw blanket has been crafted with care to comfort those who have recently lost a loved one. The hummingbirds depicted signify spirit, love and eternal life - symbols of hope and remembrance for the grieving.

The soft polyester fleece and warm blanket size provide a cozy nest for healing. The watercolor hummingbirds and gentle purple hues evoke serenity and peace of mind. The ability to customize the blanket with the name and date of passing of one's mother allows this loving gift to become a personal reminder of her enduring spirit. When life seems achingly empty, this customized throw will offer reassurance that though physically absent, a mother's indomitable spirit remains.

Containing just the right amount of heft without being overwhelming, the blankets come in three sizes to suit different needs. The high-definition print remains vibrant wash after wash. This blanket throw exemplifies the care and thoughtfulness needed to provide consolation during difficult times. The personalized name and date serve as a gentle reminder that though physically absent, a mother's love endures, woven into the very fibers of this healing blanket throw.

Therefore, for those seeking gifts to comfort loved ones who have recently lost their mother, this blanket offers a simple yet meaningful gesture of solace and remembrance through its warm and caring design.

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as i sit in heaven blanket

The Best As I Sit in Heaven Photo Blanket

This thoughtfully designed blanket aims to provide comfort and solace for those mourning the loss of a dear mother. The ability to personalize it with three photos of the loved one, their name and date of passing makes it a deeply meaningful and loving gift.

The high-quality fleece material feels warm and inviting, resembling a nurturing embrace that only a mother can provide. Snuggled under the weight of this As I Sit in Heaven Photo blanket, the bereaved will no doubt feel a sense of consolation and peace. The size and coziness of the throw will help assuage feelings of sadness and yearning that often accompany losing a parent.

The three photo prints allow happy memories to be woven directly into the very fabric of this nostalgic blanket. They will serve as lovely reminders of meaningful moments shared - milestones celebrated, laughs had and care freely given over the years. These personalized tokens of love transform a simple fleece blanket into a treasured heirloom, connecting the bereaved to their mother's soul long after her physical passing.

For those seeking simple yet meaningful ways to honor and remember a departed mother, this customizable blanket throw offers a chance to weave together memories, share stories and feel the consoling embrace of a mother's loving spirit for years to come.

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as i sit in heaven photo blanket

Memorial Blanket for Loss of Dad to Honor His Life

A customized blanket as a gift for mourning the loss of a father is a thoughtful gesture that aims to comfort while honoring his life and memory. The comfort it provides comes not only from the soft and cozy fleece material, but also from the photo and details personalized with his name and date of passing.

His clear and centered photo on the vintage backdrop instantly evokes fond memories of him. When wrapped in this blanket, the receiver is comforted knowing his spirit lives on through the immortalized images and stories woven into this treasured heirloom.

The blanket's size and weight distribution offer a sense of stability and groundedness especially needed during such a difficult time. It feels like being wrapped in dad's own embrace once more.

The personalized details - his name, date of passing and photo - transform this blanket into a special keepsake that tells the story of a life well lived and worthy of being honored. It allows dad's presence to surround his loved ones and ease their pain of loss through rich reminders of his impactful life beautifully woven into this gift.

want to make a blanket for heaven

Personalized Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Daughter

This carefully designed comforter aims to console parents mourning the loss of their daughter with a personalized tribute woven into its very fabric. The customizable design allows them to choose hair, skin and eye color resembling their daughter, helping preserve her memory in a meaningful way.

The soft, high-quality materials feel loving and embrace those who curl up beneath it. The bright colors and pain-free design of the comforter reflect the joyful spirit of their daughter, a spirit that now lives on through this thoughtful gift.

Plus, the ability to customize details to closely resemble her physical being allows parents to feel her embrace them once again through this artfully woven bedding - an eternal hug from beyond that comforts and consoles during this most difficult of times. Every time they see the portrait-like image personalized to look just like her, cherished memories of her infectious laugh, thoughtful nature and radiant smile will no doubt fill their hearts.

Wrapped in this Soft personalized blanket, parents will feel a sense of their daughter's enduring love for them that continues even after her passing. The peace of her protective presence will wash over them, easing their anguish much like her warm hugs once did.

as i sit in heaven blanket

Cardinal Fleece Blanket for Losing A Son

Carrying mourning for her lost son, this blanket is a must-have gift for any parent who has just lost a child. The cardinal motif represents hope, strength and eternal life - poignant symbols of comfort for those in grief. The large, vibrant image of the red cardinal perched on a leafy branch dominates the center of the blanket, beckoning the eye upwards and outwards - a reminder to look to the heavens where loved ones dwell. When curled under this fleecy throw, parents will no doubt feel solace knowing their son's spirit soars as freely as the cardinal, watching over and protecting them always.

The ability to personalize the blanket with a photo of their son further anchors his cherished memory into the very fibers of this bedding. Each time parents lay eyes on the image, treasured memories of his caring nature, keen wit and easy smile will come flooding back - bittersweet reminders of a life cut tragically short but nobly lived.

Though simple in design, this cozy cardinal blanket delivers deep comfort and consolation through its symbolic motif and personalized details. The cardinal's ceaseless song hidden within its crimson feathers seems to serenade parents with gentle reassurance: though briefly on this earth, their son now rests securely under heavens, his spirit as free and eternal as the timeless flight of this beloved red bird forever woven into the comforting embrace of this fleecy throw blanket.

as i sit in heaven photo blanket

Blue Remembrance Blanket for Lost of Dog

This is a special blanket for those who are grieving the loss of a four-legged family member. The ability to completely customize the dog breed, color and markings make this blanket gift deeply sentimental and personal. Owners can immortalize their pet's exact likeness within this token of remembrance. Each time owners see the unique simulation of their lost dog gazing at them from the blanket, treasured memories of its comforting presence will no doubt flood back - reminders of joyful times that can never be replaced yet will never be forgotten.

Though simple in design, this blue blanket delivers deep comfort and consolation for grieving pet owners through its imaginative motif and ability to fully capture and preserve their lost dog's essence within its personalized details. Curled up under the starry heavens of this cozy sherpa throw, owners will feel their loyal companion's spirit wrap around them as surely as the blanket itself, easing their grief through this eternal hug woven from beyond the heavenly galaxy motif into every fiber of this artfully woven fleece.

want to make a blanket for heaven

Angel's Soft Hug Want To Make a Blanket for Heaven

This meaningfully designed blanket has 4 images printed on the vintage floral motif making this throw gift deeply sentimental and personalized. Wrapped in this soft, fluffy sherpa blanket, the bereaved will be consoled knowing their dad's spirit lives on through cherished memories evoked by the personalized photos.

When they catch sight of the immortalized moments that capture dad's unique smile and spirit, treasured memories will flood back, easing their pain of loss through reminders of his enduring love woven into this woven comforter - a gift that allows his irreplaceable essence to embrace them once again.

as i sit in heaven blanket

Butterfly Memory Gift for Loss of Father from Daughter

For a daughter who has lost her father, this personalized blanket aims to comfort through its symbolic butterfly motif and ability to recreate likenesses of her and her dad upon its fabric.

The butterflies represent her dad's released soul - everlasting and beautiful. Wrapped within the softness of this sherpa throw, she will feel consoled knowing his spirit lives on.

When she sees the characters resembling her father and herself upon the vibrantly colored backdrop, treasured memories will flood back, easing her loss through reminders of his enduring love woven into this comforting blanket.

as i sit in heaven photo blanket

Custom Photo Throw Blanket For Parents In Heaven

For those mourning the loss of a mother or father, this thoughtfully designed blanket embraces with comfort and consolation. Its customizable photo capturing the cherished likeness of a parent serves as a loving token of remembrance and reminder of their spirit now in heaven.

This blanket gift's simple act of preserving a cherished likeness of one's mum or dad within its fibers allows recipients to feel, if only briefly, their parent's spirit embrace them once more. Warmth floods their soul, easing the pain of loss through reminders of an eternal love now woven into every thread.

want to make a blanket for heaven

What is a grief blanket?

A grief blanket provides comfort and consolation for those mourning the loss of a loved one. Personalizing a blanket with photos, names or symbols of the departed allows their essence to live on, comforting the bereaved through reminders woven into the very fibers.

What does a blanket mean as a gift?

A blanket given as a gift typically conveys feelings of comfort, warmth, and security. Blankets fulfill a basic human need, providing physical warmth while also representing emotional protection and comfort through associations from childhood. Beyond any monetary value, a blanket represents a thoughtful gift-giver wishing to provide comfort, care, and warmth to the recipient.


No matter what happens, life goes on as it should, so help them get through it as gently as possible. The As I Sit in Heaven Photo blanket or As I Sit in Heaven blanket on this list may not be the most perfect gift, but I believe it will keep their soul at peace through loved ones' memories.