Life is a long journey for us to say "Hello" and "Goodbye" to each person. So with sending hugs to heaven & the hugs from heaven blanket, someone's passing won't be so painful anymore. Why? Because when there is a consolation and encouragement from meaningful memorial blankets, people will feel at peace with familiar memories of loved ones that are always there forever.

So, in this article, what will you find for your soul-healing journey? It's a list of heartwarming gift ideas from Memory-gift that help wrap your immature inner child dealing with the pain of losing a loved one.

What is the pain of losing a loved one and how to overcome this pain?

The pain of loss comes from the severing of an important attachment or bond with that person. You miss their presence, conversation, and the role they played in your life. It can trigger feelings of emptiness, sadness, anxiety, anger and even despair. You may have trouble sleeping, lose your appetite or have trouble concentrating. These are all normal reactions to grief.

The loss of someone dear cuts deep into the heart. But take comfort, with courage and compassion you can make it through the grief.

  1. First, feel the sadness fully. Cry if you need to. Expressing your emotions can release some of the intensity. Remember, it's okay not to be okay right now.
  2. Next, seek comfort in those who knew your loved one. Share memories that bring smiles through your tears. The love of others can soften some of the ache in your soul.
  3. For the faithful, turning to spirituality can provide hope in hard times. Your beliefs may offer meaning and perspective during this difficult journey.
  4. Forge onward with your daily routine as best you can. Engage in activities that bring you joy, however slight. Purpose and motion forward can lift your spirits, even a little.
  5. Consider joining a grief support group. Speaking with those walking a similar path can relieve some of the solitary pain of loss. You are not alone.

With time and self- care, the sharpest sting will fade. Though the memory of your loved one will always remain close to your heart. slowly, you'll integrate their memory into your life in a positive way and find peace within the pain of their absence.

Snuggle Under Heavenly Wings with Hugs from Heaven Blanket

After understanding what grief is and how to get through it, it's time for something a little more practical to comfort someone who has lost a loved one. I don't think any gift can compare to the presence of their loved one but if it's good memories of them, perhaps it will help someone who is in dire need of care a great source of encouragement. price. Let's find out what we have on the list for today!

Sending hugs to heaven - picture collage blanket for loss of husband

Cherished moments frozen in time, captured in small squares of stillness that breathe life and laughter back into a broken heart. A patchwork quilt of remembrance carefully pieced together, bringing comfort through fond memories stitched into soft fabric. As the world grows dark with loss, this blanket glows with a thousand hugs, warm reminders of arms that once held tight but can no longer embrace.

The soft, plush sending hugs to heaven blankets come in sizes and materials to suit every need. Perfect for grieving widows, the blankets allow the inclusion of up to eight photos so the recipient can choose snapshots capturing special moments that remind them of their husband's warm embrace and feel him hug them from Heaven through the photos on the throw. The photos are vivid and long-lasting, printed with high-quality ink on 100% polyester that won't fade or discolor.

Choosing the background color from 70 color options allows them to find a hue that feels like their loved one's "hug from heaven." Whether it be fleece or sherpa, a blanket turn throw featuring photos of their deceased husband will provide comfort during a difficult time, reminding them of sweet memories whenever they snuggle under it or wear it as a shawl. A thoughtful gift of remembrance and comfort for someone beginning life after loss.

hugs from heaven blanket


Thoughtful picture of the huge hug to my mom in heaven blanket

Bring her comfort and joy with a gift from the heart. In her time of loss, nothing speaks to the soul like the warmth and softness of a personalized memory blanket featuring photos and words that remind her of her precious mother.

As she wraps herself in its hug, transporting her to simpler times through the eyes and smile of her mother frozen in time, she'll feel the comfort that only a mother's unconditional love can provide. The colorful woven fabric and cozy materials will cradle her, mimicking the reassuring embrace she misses the most.

This treasured keepsake hugs from heaven blanket offers both solace and delightful memories in her grieving season. More than an ordinary gift, it's a tangible token of a love that transcends earthly distances. Wrapped in a blanket featuring her mother's cherished face and personalized message, she'll be reminded that though a hug from Heaven may be out of reach, a hug from the heart lasts forever.

sending hugs to heaven

Sending hugs to heaven with a memorial blanket for Mom in heaven

For someone who has lost their mother, a loving blanket featuring her smiling face and butterflies could provide much-needed comfort. Butterflies are a symbol of the soul and rebirth, representing the belief that loved ones live on in a different form.

The plush, customized blanket comes in various sizes and materials. Images are vividly printed on soft, 100% polyester fleece or sherpa woven fabric. The cheerful flutter of butterflies in the design, surrounding her mom's smiling face, could comfort her with the message that her mom's spirit is near.

When wrapped in the cozy, padded blanket featuring the visage and spirit of her beloved mother, she may feel the loving presence she craves.

sending hugs in heaven

Funeral blanket for loss of dad

This blanket features a thoughtful memorial design at two corners to ensure it's fully visible when folded. The simple yet powerful design features the words "A hug from Heaven" and feathers - symbols of a father's protecting embrace even after death. The pure white background highlights this heartening motif, providing comforting reassurance that Dad's loving spirit surrounds his child.

Even after a father's death severs the physical bond, symbols like these can sustain the spiritual embrace - the knowledge that a dad's love extends beyond the grave, comforting like a familiar blanket. For the lonely moments that follow great loss, a blanket reminding bereft children of a father's eternal hug offers unconditional solace.

picture of the huge hug to my mom in heaven


Personalized blanket for loss of dad

This blanket allows personalization to resemble your special relationship - choosing skin tones, hair and outfit colors to match each family member, with extra angel wings for the departed dad.

On cold nights under a blanket personalized with your father's smiling face and angel wings, comforting memories can flood your thoughts. The personalized details ensure he's weaved into this soft, fleecy woven fabric - a tactile reminder of his eternal love for you, even after his time on this earth ended. A thoughtful gift of comfort for those grieving the loss of a dad.

hugs from heaven blanket

The hugs blanket - A woven tapestry of love and memories

For a soul in sorrow, there is no greater comfort than the woven warmth of memories. This heirloom blanket is imbued with the spirit of a thousand hugs, each stitch a reminder of loving arms soothing away grief.

When wrapped in its embrace, the bereft will see starlit skies embroidered with heaven's promise - that even in darkest nights, a parent's love still glows. The gentle message will remind a broken heart that though a hugging hand is gone, caring arms still surround.

For any soul navigating loss, this blanket is a balm. Its soft folds conjure sweet recollections of moments treasured - laughter shared over tea, bedtime stories whispered in the dark. And as a weary head finds rest upon its comfort, the memories live on, warming the grieving heart with love that never ends.

This blanket is a tapestry of comfort, weaving heaven's hug into the fabric of life again, reminding the grieving of solace found in memories that cannot fade, in loves that cannot die.

sending hugs to heaven

Custom photo heart shape remembrance blanket

When wrapped in this lovingly designed blanket featuring a photograph of their treasured smile within the comforting embrace of a double heart, the bereft may feel a semblance of peace. The reminder of fond memories can brighten their heavy heart in this dark time.

On lonely nights beneath a blanket displaying a photograph that evokes happy recollections, soothing thoughts of their dear departed may flood the mind. The design aimed to console the grief-stricken reminds them of the joy their loved one brought to their lives, lifting their spirit with hope.

sending hugs in heaven

Should you choose a blanket as a memorial gift for someone who has lost a loved one?

Undoubtedly so. A personalized memorial blanket can serve as a profound gesture of love and solace for a bereaved heart. Imagine handing your friend, still raw from the fresh wound of loss, a woven manifestation of your caring. The blanket's softness and weight envelops them in familiar comfort reminiscent of an embrace - a bittersweet mirror of those warm hugs from their loved one now gone.

What kind of blanket should you choose as a memorial gift?

An all-seasons sherpa blanket provides all this and more. Woven with the softest microfiber fleece that only gets better with time, this blanket hugs the body, providing lasting warmth and comfort through every season. Light enough for sunny afternoons yet cozy on chilly nights, it will become a cherished companion as your recipient finds solace in its timeless hug.

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Nothing can say for sure when the pain of losing a loved one will go away, but facing it bravely is more important than anything. After all, choosing hugs from heaven blanket or sending hugs to heaven blanket can bring comfort after days of deep pain. A blanket may seem like a small gift, but it is extremely useful during this difficult time.