If someone is languishing because of the pain of losing a loved one, personalized memory blankets and sympathy blankets for loss of mother are the best memorial blankets from heaven to comfort wounded hearts. Life is a cycle of reincarnation to commemorate. So let the remembrance be a part of the memory of being with someone like medicine to fill the void in their hearts when their loved one dies with Memory-gift 's support!

My list directly below includes memorial blankets in a variety of designs. All create particular empathy for the recipient, making them remember the most beautiful memories of the lost loved one instead of suffering.

Among the thousands of options for funeralhomegifts, why should you choose a memorial tribute blanket to comfort them when their loved one dies? Simply put, a blanket is a product that brings warmth, comfort, and a sense of peace. These are the things that anyone going through the pain of losing a loved one desperately needs. In addition, a personalized gift will bring the familiar feeling back to them once again, a hug heals a slowly broken soul. But for an exquisite gift, let's start with special tips from the experts for choosing the perfect fleece blanket.

Tips to choose a fleece blanket to help you have a wonderful and delicate gift

Don't think that memorial gift selection is simply about finding something you think they really need, a gift in a time of pain shouldn't be a lack of sophistication or sensitivity. To prevent that from causing conflict in your relationship, follow the tips below to make gift-giving more meaningful.:

  1. Consider the recipient - What material will they prefer? Fleece is soft, cozy and machine washable, making it a safe choice for most people.
  2. Choose the right size - Baby blanket, throw blanket or full size? Measure where the blanket will be used to ensure the proper fit.
  3. Check the fleece thickness - Thicker fleece feels warmer and more plush but less breathable. 180-230 gsm is a standard weight.
  4. Look at the edge finish - Unraveled edges can become loose over time. Consider options like sewn, heat-sealed or mitered edges.
  5. Determine the personalization - Names, photos and meaningful dates can be embroidered, screen printed or woven into the design for a custom touch.
  6. Check the color options - Consider what colors the recipient enjoys and what will complement their space. Neutrals like gray and beige are safe choices.
  7. Consider the weave - A tighter weave may result in a softer and more durable blanket, while an open weave allows for more breathability.
  8. Softness and texture - Run your hands over the blanket to feel for any bobbles, loose threads or uneven textures that may bother the recipient.
  9. Durability - Look for labels indicating the blanket has received a wash test to ensure it will maintain integrity over time and use.
  10. Customer service - A reputable company should have good policies in place to address any issues that arise after purchase.

With these tips, I can't claim it's perfect, but I'm confident it's enough for you to pick out a wonderful and meaningful gift to give someone comfort.

Make Memories Sparkle with Personalized Memory Blankets

Memories are a wonderful thing that is worth preserving, but the human brain is limited and it is possible that good memories will be forgotten one day. Instead of letting this happen, why not find a better way to preserve these memories by keeping memories close with beautiful personalized memory blankets. That's why I've put together a great list for someone who needs solace right now.

Sympathy Blankets for Loss of Mother - Photo Collage Pictures Gift

When losing a mother, there are few things that can truly ease the ache in your heart. These special personalized memory blankets aim to do just that. Made with care for those experiencing loss, it allows you to carry a piece of her comfort with you always.

Crafted from the softest Sherpa fleece, this warm and cozy blanket holds four treasured photos next to the heart that speaks of love, joy and family. Nestled within the blanket's folds, these images will greet you each morning and hug you each night - a small reminder of happier times you once shared.

While a mother's physical presence can never truly be replaced, this blanket aims to fill just a bit of the empty space left in her wake. Her smile rematerializes, her touch almost remembered, all because of four images tumbling together on soft polyester.

As you wrap yourself within its comforting fibers, may you find some solace within its reach. For even the smallest gestures can help heal big hurts, especially when made with love and care.

This blanket is made with care, for care, by those who understand your grief all too well.

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Personalized Funeral Gifts Blankets To Honor Mom’s Life

In times of loss, it is the small yet loving gestures that bring the most comfort. This personalized remembrance angel blankets for funeral aims to do just that. Customized with redrawn portraits of your cherished family members, including your dearly departed mom, it offers a soft place to land amidst the pain.

Lovingly crafted from 100% polyester fleece, this funeral gift captures your family’s essence in a simple yet meaningful way. Choose from pre-made options like hair color, accessories and even add angel wings to your mom's portrait. The high-quality images will remain vivid and bright for years to come, sparking fond memories each time you snuggle up with these cozy throws.

Whether draped across the couch or nestled in your arms at night, these customized sympathy blankets for loss of mother are meant to bring you solace. Though she may be gone, this blanket aims to keep her memory alive, allowing her love to warm you just as she once did -through the lasting memories you relive each time you pull this treasured remembrance around your shoulders.
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Stay Warm with Personalized Memories Blanket

Losing a father leaves an emptiness that nothing seems to fill. But perhaps a little closeness can still be found. This personalized memory blanket aims to provide just that.

Woven from soft fleece and featuring a picture of your dad, alongside his name and date of funerals, this gift allows his memory to remain close at hand. As you cocoon yourself in its comforting folds, you'll be wrapped in reminiscent thoughts of happier times. The bright, vivid image printed onto the blanket lets you relive precious ideas and quotes from days gone by, helping keep those treasured memories alive.

Though he may no longer be physically near, the special gift allows a semblance of his embrace to surround you once again. Snuggled beneath his smiling gaze each night, you'll drift off to sleep surrounded by his familiar presence. And each morning, his picture greeting you afresh will carry echoes of his voice and touch - for just a split second bringing him closer to you, as if no time has passed at all.

While he remains only a photograph now, this blanket aims to show that fathers never truly leave us. The small piece of him captured here, the eyes that watched you grow, and the hand that guided - these stay within your heart, waiting to warm you anew whenever you need.

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Memories You Can Snuggle: Always With You Memorial Blanket

This fleece blanket features eight photos of your mom - her smile that lit up any room, her wisdom that guided you well, her love that knew no bounds. Each treasured photo lets you relive beautiful memories of her made so near and dear.

The blanket's high-quality tumble dryer-friendliness ensures the iconic photos remain vivid for years to come. Washed gently with care, the memories will never fade. Again and again it will wrap you in consolation, letting you tumble back into her embrace, if only for a moment.

Though she can no longer be physically here, the cherished photos woven into the blanket bring her spirit near. Each morning her smiling face will greet you afresh, and each night her watchful gaze will lull you to sleep, filling the emptiness within with the peace of knowing a mother's love is just a gentle touch away.

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Stay Snug With In Loving Memorial Baby Blanket

What's more meaningful than in loving memory blankets and the secrets behindWoven in vintage tones with gentle flowers in each corner, this personalized memory blanket pays tribute to your baby through an embroidered name and date of passing. Accompanying poem "As I Sit in Heaven" offers words of wisdom from beyond.

Crafted from ultra-soft fleece, the blanket aims to soothe with its warmth and sympathy quotes stitched within. As you wrap yourself within its comforting folds, thoughts will turn to happier memories of times shared, even if all too brief.

Though your baby can no longer be physically near, this one-of-a kind throw helps ensure that tiny life is not forgotten. Each morning the name and date will greet you anew, along with flowers that carry echoes of a baby's fleeting smell, sounds and touch - if only for a moment bringing them close once more.

The small token aims to show that though lives are cut short, love lives on forever. Every time you see the handmade afghans your baby will remain in your thoughts, tucked safely within your heart.
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Create a Unique and Meaningful Keepsake with Memory Throw

Crafted from thick wool, this personalized memory features a photo of your son transformed into a vintage-style illustration. His name and date of passing are woven into the fabric alongside the inspirational poem "I Never Left You." Warm tones evoke feelings of comfort and sympathy.

As you cocoon yourself within its folds, thoughts turn to happier memories of times shared - his laugh, his smile, and the way he filled any room with light. Though he can no longer be physically near, this handcrafted throw ensures that young life is not forgotten.

The simple yet meaningful keepsake aims to show that though lives are cut short, bonds live forever. His eyes that watched you with love, the hands that reached for yours - these remain etched within your heart, simply waiting to warm you anew whenever needed most. Every time you see his name within those soft woolen afghans, your son will remain right beside you.
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Preserve Your Precious Memories with Funeralhomegifts

In times of loss, few gifts can offer more comfort than something made with loving care. This personalized memory blanket aims to do just that.

Crafted from soft fleece, this personalized blanket features an illustration of your daughter surrounded by butterfly wings. Within the wings are typed the inspirational poem "I Never Left You", a tribute reminding of her enduring spirit. An earthy orange background evokes feelings of sympathy and warmth. The beautiful, delicate stitchwork transforms simple fibers into a keepsake that can be passed down for generations.

As you wrap this blanket around your shoulders, you'll feel a sense of peace wash over you. The smiling face staring back will fill your heart with fond memories, easing your spirit. For a brief moment, you'll be transported back to happier times full of laughter and love.

The meaningful keepsake aims to show that though lives are cut short, souls live on forever. Her eyes that watched you with joy, the hands that reached for yours - these remain etched within your heart, simply waiting to comfort you anew whenever needed most. Every time you see her name within those soft fleece afghans, your daughter will remain close beside you.

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Personalized Dog Loss Gifts In Loving Memory Blankets

Create a loving keepsake for those missing a dog with a Memory Throw blanket. Our soft and cozy customized blankets offer comfort, consolation and the warmth of love for those grieving the loss of their precious puppy. Each snuggly throw blanket is specially personalized with the name of your baby, creating a meaningful gift that will be treasured always.

Choose from our three sizes of super soft polyester blankets, printed with full-color, high-definition technology that will never fade or discolor. Order yours today and give the gift of comfort,With every toss and turn, your blanket will whisper that though she may be gone, your mother's love for you remains - woven deep inside the fibers that keep you wrapped in warmth.

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Stay Snug with As I Sit in Heaven Hummingbird Sympathy Throw Blanket

Nothing can cradle a broken heart like a loving embrace. Now you can provide sweet solace anytime with a customized throw blanket featuring their cherished name and historical date of passing.

Inspired by the poem "As I Sit in Heaven", this intricately woven watercolor print captures the symbolism hummingbirds represent - the everlasting nature of genuine love that outlasts physical life on earth. The hummingbird pair reminds us that though a mother's hands may grow still, her nurturing soul endures - like the soft, comforting polyester threads of this blanket that wraps you in a hug of warmth and consoling love each time you need it.

Choose from three popular sizes and plush options, including 100% polyester fleece or snuggly sherpa. The high-definition digital print features vivid color and extraordinary detail that will remain vibrant wash after wash. Whether it's tucked around weary shoulders at the end of a long, mournful day or nestled under chin late at night when memories bring tears, this customized throw blanket will provide the soothing embrace of a forever hug.

You'll take comfort knowing a little piece of their spirit remains with you always, woven into every fiber that cradles and warms your heart. Order yours today and give the gift of peace, consolation and memories that linger long after they are gone - wrapped in the hug of a customized throw blanket made just for them.
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Personalized Memorial Photo Blanket Custom

A loving fleece or sherpa blanket crafted for you and customized with three photos capturing your dear mother's sweet spirit. Select the perfect size to wrap your shoulders, mimicking her tight embrace. The photos printed in high-definition paint her life in sparkling detail, lingering beyond where words now fail.
The polyester fleece is soft as her cheek, silky as her hair, hardly fading with time. Let this thoughtful throw join you throughout your days, a comforting keepsake honoring her love. Wherever you sit, her serene smile shines from this blanket made to console, reminding though now in heaven, a mother's heart warms still.

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How much does it cost to make a photo blanket?

The cost depends mainly on the blanket size, material, and number of photos. Larger sizes cost more due to extra material and labor. Fleece and cotton are the most affordable while cashmere and wool cost more. Digital printing is the cheapest while screen printing and embroidery cost more. Adding more photos increases labor and material costs. Custom shapes and borders also increase the price. In general, expect to pay between $50 for a standard throw-size fleece blanket with 3-4 digitally printed photos and up to $200 or more for an extra large cashmere blanket with 8 embroidered photos.

Especially, with Memory-gift, you only need from $34.99 to receive a blanket with excellent print quality.

Can I put my own picture on my blanket?

For Memory-gift.co, all operations become completely simple. We make a "PERSONALIZE" field available so you can provide us with customized information through this column. It will include the name and date of death, a picture of your loved one (if any) so that we are ready to create the most groundbreaking and unique design that only you have.

How long does it take to get a personalized blanket made?

Since this is a POD (Print on Demand) product, it will take time to design for you, it will take about 1-2 weeks from the date of your order to receive this product in person. However, we do offer an Express Shipping option and it only takes 1-4 days for the item to be delivered to you. Note this time does not include production time.

What is the best material for a photo blanket?

Both fleece and sherpa are ideal materials for photo blankets due to their softness and ability to accept vibrant photo printing. Fleece blankets are made of polyester microfiber that is smooth, plush, and warm. Sherpa blankets feature the soft, napped side of the fabric that faces out, giving a cozy suede-like feel. Sherpa also takes ink-printed photos wonderfully, providing a lovely backdrop for commemorative photos or family pictures.


Our list is over here, here are the 9 most special models in our collection of personalized memory blankets. I hope that these sympathy blankets for loss of mother, father can provide some comfort to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Blankets can also be a necessary gift so that anyone who is in deep pain can be healed in the most gentle way.