What is Boho? Everything you need to know about Boho style when buying a throw blankets.

What is Boho?

Bohemian, also known as Boho, is a style that is a very good combination of modern and classic. By blending these two styles, Boho creates a very unique new style with a very strong charm and personality.

Boho Throw Blankets

Boho Throw Blankets carry a simplicity but no less sophisticated. With a variety of designs ranging from textures, floral embroidery to multi-layer combinations, Boho's style cannot be more perfect.

Choose from Boho Throw Blankets designed from cotton, fleece, sherpa materials with free motifs, patterns that blend old and new, classic and modern to highlight your freedom!

What Makes A Good Boho Throw Blanket?

3 criteria to help you choose the best blanket include:

#1 - Fabric material

When choosing a good material for a boho-style duvet, you should choose a material that not only makes you feel warm but also gives the space a nice texture.

Materials include pure wool, fleece, or sherpa.

Boho Throw Blankets Material

#2 - Colors and patterns:

A Boho Throw Blanket with a fun design and bold color can bring life to your space. The most important thing is how can we choose the most suitable color?

A simple way is to choose your favorite color to be the main color in the design of Boho Throw Blankets.

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#3 - Choose the right size:

If your goal is to use the Boho throw blanket while sitting/lying on the sofa, the 50" x 70" size is extremely suitable because it is easy to move and enough to cover and hug.

If you want to use it for the bedroom, you should buy a larger size, so you will make your bed more beautiful and complete.

Boho Throw Blankets size

Why Everyone Loves Boho Throw Blankets?

Comfort and flexibility are two things that make a Boho Throw Blanket so appreciated. Not only that, they are also very cheap and very easy to maintain.

In addition, it is very easy to find Boho-style blankets that match the mood, season, room theme.

How To Fold Boho Throw Blankets

The best way to preserve is that we should fold the blanket neatly after use. When washing, it is necessary to use laundry detergent specifically for blankets.

For the living room, you should not throw it indiscriminately, but neatly fold it and put it on the sofa. Thus, the pattern on the blanket will adorn the living room more neatly and comfortably.

For the bedroom, you should fold the blanket and put it at the end of the bed. This is what many boho throw blanket users do on a daily basis.

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