What is Live Laugh Love meaning? This phrase is often seen as a sign or decoration in people's homes. But where did it come from and why is it so popular? In this blog post, we'll explore the origins of live laugh love and discuss why it has resonated with so many people over the years.

What Is Live Laugh Love Meaning?

Live Laugh Love is a 3-word phrase shortened from the poem "Success" by Bessie Anderson Stanley. This was not originally a poem but rather an essay for a contest to answer the question "What is success" in 100 words or less.

The author won the first prize of this contest with a prize of $250.

The full text of the poem Live Laugh Love Sign is as follows:

He achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much;

Who has enjoyed the trust of pure women, the respect of intelligent men and the love of little children;

Who has filled his niche and accomplished his task;

Who has never lacked appreciation of Earth's beauty or failed to express it;

Who has left the world better than he found it,

Whether an improved poppy, a perfect poem, or a rescued soul;

Who has always looked for the best in others and given them the best he had;

Whose life was an inspiration;

Whose memory a benediction.

Why Is Live Laugh Love Popular?

Perhaps the success of the phrase Live Laugh Love meaning is the main motivation. It can represent a life motto for many people and answer questions such as:

    • We live for what?
    • What do we laugh for?
    • What do we love for?


If we ourselves find the answers to these three questions, we will make our lives better.

And the messages mixed with the phrase Live Laugh Love will create countless suggestions so that people who see the message will have a moment to think, will have a more strong motivation in life, in love, and everything around.

And the most common way to use the phrase Live Laugh Love in life is to use it on wall paintings such as canvas, posters. Or can be used on tumbler, T-shirt, blankets

Collection of the best Live Laugh Love quotes

#1 - Quotes 1

Live every moment,

Laugh every day,

Love beyond words.

#2 - Quotes 2

Live simply,

Laugh often,

Love deeply.

#3 - Quotes 3

Live well,

Laugh often,

Love much.

#4 - Quotes 4

Live with promise,

Laugh with pleasure,

Love with passion.

When to use Live Laugh Love Sign?

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Or friends, colleagues buy gifts for each other to help each other progress to reap new successes.

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In conclusion

The Live Laugh Love sign is a popular and well-known saying that has been around for many years. Though Live Laugh Love meaning may be simple, it’s one that can inspire you to have more motivation in life. When you focus on the good things and find ways to enjoy life, you will also find that laughter comes more easily. And who doesn’t want to feel happier and more positive? If you need some inspiration when it comes to the Live Laugh Love meaning, look no further than this post. We hope these ideas help you start living a fuller and more joyful life today.