As I sit in heaven butterfly, I can't help but admire the beauty of the butterfly. Its delicate wings and vibrant colors make it a stunning canvas. The butterfly is a perfect symbol of hope and transformation, and I know that my loved one is watching over me from up here.

If you're looking for a beautiful way to honor a loved one who has passed away, consider getting a custom-made butterfly canvas for 2022. These canvases are incredibly life-like, and they will remind you of your loved ones each and every time you look at them.

As I Sit In Heaven Butterfly is often used on the designs of Canvas, Poster, Blanket to make beautiful and meaningful memorial gifts.

The meaning of the poem "As In Sit In Heaven" alone is extremely meaningful. And when combined with butterflies, it will create a picture, an extremely beautiful and impressive design.

You can learn more about the meaning of the poem at the link:

>> As I Sit In Heaven Poem Meaning

Let's go through and analyze the most impressive designs of memorial gifts products containing the poem "As I Sit In Heaven" and butterflies.

Why Do They Use “As I Sit in Heaven Butterfly” To Put On Memorial Gift Products?

The phrase printed on European and American memorial gifts carries deep meaning. It alludes to souls of departed loved ones watching over the living from heaven like protective butterflies - a symbol of eternal life. The soothing reminder of their endless care brings comfort to the bereaved.

The quote touches survivors with the poetic imagery of the deceased's affection lingering beyond the grave. Communicating that although physically separated, love endures. The souls of their loved ones provide continuous comfort likened to the grace and permanence of a butterfly.

Helping the bereaved feel connected through reminders of the deceased on memorials bearing this special phrase brings peace through the manifestation of eternal affection.

As I Sit In Heaven Poem memorial canvas With Blue Butterfly

as I sit in heaven butterfly

In this design we see a canvas painting with a 2-part layout:

The left part is a picture of a beautiful blue butterfly sucking nectar on a white flower

The right part is the poem As I Sit In Heaven consisting of 3 main passages with 3 titles used in extremely prominent handwritten fonts.

All the small details above help create a very beautiful picture

As I Sit in Heaven Wall Art with Butterfly Shape

as I sit in heaven butterfly

Similar to the above design in some details, but instead of showing the butterfly, the designers integrated the poem with the butterfly shape to give as memorial canvas for mom 

This butterfly from heaven design makes the picture more open, creating an indescribable feeling and feeling that the deceased is next to me and reading the poem with me.

As I Sit In Heaven Floral Memorial Canvas

as I sit in heaven butterfly

In this design, our poem is arranged in the shape of a butterfly. At the same time, also increase the highlight by placing flowers around the border and small butterflies flying around.

as i sit in heaven butterfly canvas

We use Vintage, Rustic designs with wooden or paper backgrounds to show something suitable for memorial gifts.

Furthermore, the butterfly symbolism is also used in our unique blanket designs.

Custom Butterfly Memorial Canvas Art

The meaningful memorial gifts to comfort those who lost loved ones like custom butterfly memorial canvas art with the deceased mother's photo and touching quote "As I sit in heaven".

Options to personalize with birth and death years provide heartfelt remembrance gifts that will be treasured for years. Made with eco-friendly ink and a waterproof coating, the canvas art is long-lasting and resists fading.

as i sit in heaven butterfly, as i sit in heaven canvas

Butterfly Memorial Canvas Wall Art

This personalized butterfly memorial canvas wall art is a meaningful sympathy gift for those who lost their father. Featuring the touching quote "As I Sit In Heaven", it helps treasure memories while decorating your home.

Made i eco-friendly ink on canvas resistant to fading, scratching and warping, this sympathy gift comes in different sizes to suit any space. Premium printing faithfully reproduces every line for a long-lasting piece.

as i sit in heaven butterfly canvas, as i sit in heaven poem butterfly, as i sit in heaven gifts

Memorial Canvas for Losing One’s Wife

Memorial canvas offers comfort after losing one's wife. The touching quote and butterfly motif represent that though physically apart, loved ones provide continuous comfort from heaven.

The customizable canvas printing - allowing changes to names, photos and dates - creates a deeply meaningful and personalized sympathy gift. Made from soft fleece material and printed with durable matte inks that don't fade, the artwork depicts the enduring nature of true love.

as i wait in heaven butterfly, as i sit in heaven picture, as i sit in heaven on a butterfly

As I Sit in Heaven with photo memorial blankets

This is a delicate design for someone who has lost a mother, grandmother or loved one. Memories will be preserved forever with this design by personalizing your loved one's image.

as i sit in heaven butterfly blanket

The butterfly in heaven sympathy blanket for loss of mom

Sending memorial blankets with pictures could be a great condolence for someone who lost loved ones

as i sit in heaven butterfly blanket 

These are our most popular and most purchased blanket designs. The designs are all based on the poem As I Sit In Heaven arranged in the shape of a butterfly.

as i sit in heaven butterfly blanket

The special thing about these designs is that they can be personalized by adding a photo to memorial blanket, or changing the name and date.

Custom Blanket for Lost Their Mother 

This as I sit in heaven custom blanket offers heartfelt sympathy for those who lost their mother, allowing them to grieve. The cozy blanket serves as a meaningful remembrance gift, allowing you to preserve precious memories of your loved one.

as i sit in heaven sign, as i sit in heaven poem cardinal, while sitting in heaven poem

Gift for Those Grieving a Loved One

 This is a meaningful gift for those grieving a loved one, helping ease the pain of loss. The soft fleece or sherpa blanket allows customization with photos and personal details for a treasured keepsake.

Made with durable polyester and photo-quality inks that don't fade, the cozy blanket preserves precious memories through its simple yet impactful design inspired by a thoughtful quote, photo and minimal motif.

as i sit in heaven free printable, heaven poem as i sit in heaven, as i sit here in heaven

As I Sit in Heaven Plaque on Etsy

Once a beloved person goes away, as I sit in heaven printable plaques tender encouraging terminology and imagery, envisioning that precious soul in tranquility in paradise while yet observing and guiding those remaining behind.

These uniquely formed commemorative gifts celebrate departed spirits, reminding us of their enduring love through dear recollections while inspiring aspiration of blissful reunions one day in heaven. The moving poem and celestial theme honor beloved souls presently at rest, comforting our hearts as we lament.

3D Wooden Memorial Plaque

The 3D wooden cardinal memorial plaque features the touching as I sit gere in heaven poem, representing a loved one's spirit comfortingly watching over from above. The poem speaks of sending sign to let the living know they are not alone, encouraging them to live freely and happily.

A name and date can be added below the image upon request. The wall plaque measures 16.5 x 11 inches and comes with a free wooden stand, making it a thoughtful and timeless memorial gift.

heaven butterfly

Personalized Memorial Plaque With the touching Poem

This personalized memorial plaque as i sit in heaven butterfly poem printed on makes a thoughtful sympathy gift for grieving loved ones.

Handcrafted of natural stone with hand-chiseled edges, it's a unique and long-lasting way to celebrate and remember those no longer with us, sharing words of comfort and hope that even in heaven, your loved one watches over you.

as i sit in heaven plaque

Personalized Night Light Plaque With Your Photos

Personalized As I Wait in Heaven butterfly night light plaque with your favorite meaningful photos and messages makes a thoughtful gift for birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. Made of a durable acrylic sheet for safety, it features a USB-chargeable LED light with 7 colors and 4 flashing modes that can last up to 20,000 hours.

A remote control allows adjusting the brightness and color with the touch of a finger. The vibrant, colorful light fills any room and provides relaxation, making it a perfect gift for loved ones.

as i sit in heaven personalized

A heartfelt memory mom in heaven butterfly poem

Why don't you call Mom?
My heart is so sad, it's a pity!
This morning Mother said that:
"In the afternoon, I will buy you a gift..."
And then I waited patiently.
Mother returned to the cold land and left me here!
The heart is so bitter.
Oh my gosh, why are you going to say goodbye.
Mommy! Come back with me...
Don't leave me, don't go alone!
Mom lay there quietly.
Leave me alone.
Now I really lost my Mom!
From now on, I live as an orphan here!
Mother returned to the wind and clouds...
Where can I find the old days?
as i sit in heaven with photo

Meaningful As I Sit in Heaven Butterfly SVG

The gifts featuring butterfly SVGs sold at Etsy and other sites honor and commemorate cherished departed loved ones, symbolizing their eternal spirit and the endless love shared during their earthly lives.

Memorial Illustration As I Sit In Heaven

Digital download includes SVG and PNG files of a meaningful memorial illustration featuring the while I sitting in heaven poem and a butterfly motif. The layered vector files allow unlimited resizing without losing quality, and are provided in higher resolution than the store previews.
The files can be instantly downloaded after purchase and require unzipping before use in programs like Cricut Design Space or Silhouette Studio to cut on machines that support these file types.
as i sit in heaven gift

SVG and PNG Data Files of As I Sit In Heaven

This electronic acquisition includes SVG and PNG data files of the affective remembrance representation emphasizing a butterfly theme. The stratified vector data files authorize unrestricted resizing without forfeiting excellence and are provided in superior resolution than the store's sketches.
The data files can be instantly downloaded upon purchase completion and necessitate unbundling before utilization in programs for instance Cricut Design Space or Silhouette Studio to slice on machines that endorse these data file types.
i sit in heaven memorial

I Sit In Heaven Butterfly Poem Design Download

When you download, it includes SVG, DXF, EPS, PNG, and JPG vector formats of an as I sit in heaven butterfly with poem design for commercial use as clipart.
Upon purchase, you instantly receive a zip file with all the formats to edit in software like Photoshop, print as stickers or t-shirts, cut with machines like Cricut or Silhouette, and use on cards, bags and more. The high resolution files allow for resizing without losing quality.
as i sit in heaven butterfly svg

Wood Picture Portrait As Is It in Heaven on Etsy

When loved ones pass, wooden portrait wall art depicting them reunited with departed family in heaven offers comfort and hope. These handcrafted pieces envision precious souls at peace in paradise, surrounded by loved ones who have gone before.
The custom portrait gifts pay tribute to cherished memories while reminding those who mourn of the heavenly reunion that awaits. May these eternal images filled with hope brighten your heart and home.

Engraved Maple Wood Photos Portrait

These engraved maple wood photos make treasured keepsakes. The 1/4" thick engraved image includes clips for displaying and can also be hung or framed. Custom messages are engraved free of charge if they fit within 100 characters, otherwise a small upcharge applies for extra laser time.
High-quality photos are required to achieve the best engraving results. The durable maple withstands years of enjoyment from these personalized gifts.
as i sit gere in heaven, as i sot in heaven poem, butterfly in heaven

Laser Engraved Wood Picture Portrait

These products make treasured keepsakes of loved ones, special memories and occasions. The 1/4" thick engraved image is perfect for displaying, hanging or framing.
Walnut frames are optional. We create custom engraved wood photos in various sizes as thoughtful gifts that highlight precious photographs for years of enjoyment. High-quality photos are needed for the best engraving results. Maple wood stands the test of time for durability.
butterfly heaven poem

Custom Pet Portrait on Wood Slice

This portrait on a wood slice is painted with acrylic paint to capture your furry friend's unique spirit. Perfect as a personalized gift, the painting includes a hanging clip on the back. Additional details like your pet's name or favorite toy can be incorporated for an extra fee.
High-quality photos of your pet are needed to accurately depict them. The wood slice and acrylic paint ensure this decorative painting withstands the test of time for years to come.
butterfly in heaven poem

In conclusion

As I sit in heaven is a meaningful poem to include in sympathy gift. You can choose a gift with poem to send several recipients: 

-  Memorial gifts for loss of son 

- Personalized memorial gifts for sister to heal that loss

Sympathy gifts for loss of father collection with multi-products to choose

The loss of a loved one is always difficult, and the pain can be overwhelming. But while your loved ones may be gone, they will never really leave you. A beautiful As I sit in heaven butterfly canvas with their name can serve as a daily reminder that your loved one is still with you in spirit. As I sit here in heaven watching over all of you, my love for you will continue to grow and blossom. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, please consider ordering a personalized butterfly canvas from us. It would mean so much to me to know that my memory can bring comfort to someone who is hurting.