Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things anyone can go through. In this blog post, we'll share the meaning of As I Sit In Heaven poem and four ways to cope with the pain of loss. We hope you find some comfort in these words. Grief is hard, but you are not alone.

"Death is not the opposite of life but an innate part of it". Although we know such a fact, we want to deny it if death comes to our loved ones. The question is how can we have the strength to overcome the sorrow? As I Sit In Heaven Poem was composed to give you an answer for that.

Are you seeking sympathy messages to help you feel a little less pain? To recall the beautiful memory of the person who passed away and give the feeling of ease and secure? Then you can find solutions in As I Sit In Heaven Poem, as it is a spiritual medicine to share and encourage someone who lost a loved one.

In the next following lines, you can read and feel the warming messages from the poem and explore a list of the unique personalized items to have as a sympathy gift.

  1. The Author Of As I Sit In Heaven Poem
  2. As I Sit In Heaven Poem Meaning
  3. How As I Sit In Heaven Poem Eases The Pain Of Losing A Loved One?
  • Emotional stages of losing a loved one:
  • Deal With The Pain Of Loss:
  1. Derivative Memorial Gifts Products Of The Poem At I Sit In Heaven

Before starting to understand the meaning and metaphors behind the poem, let’s take some time to read it:

 As I sit in heaven and watch you everyday,
I try to let you know with signs I never went away.

I hear you when you’re laughing, and watch you as you sleep.
I even place my arms around you to calm you as you weep.

I see you wish the days away, begging to have me home.
So I try to send you signs so you know you are not alone.

Don’t feel guilty that you have life that was denied to me.
Heaven is truly beautiful, just you wait and see.

So live your life, laugh again, enjoy yourself, be free.
Then I know with every breath you take
You’ll be taking one for me.

The Author Of As I Sit In Heaven Poem

Hazel Birdsal wrote this poem for her late sister far back in 2008. She started to share it online at the time and surprisingly, As I Sit In Heaven has been used and shared thousands of times with an 'unknown author' on many platforms. We would like to send the author our respects and give her proper credit for creating such a wonderful poem.

As I Sit In Heaven Poem Meaning

"As I sit in heaven and watch you every day" represents words from a deceased person who wishes to send a message to those who stay. The poem is intended to ease the pain of the people who lose their loved ones. The people who have gone want to send a sign that they are always here, caring and watching for what is left of those who are still alive.

Those who have gone wanted to send a letter: they will always be there and follow us till the end of our journey. The poem makes us feel like reading a close dialogue of ordinary people who share their thoughts with others in such normal situations in life. We can feel the presence of our loved ones as if there has never been a separation and boundary between heaven and the mortal world.

How As I Sit In Heaven Poem Eases The Pain Of Losing A Loved One?

Emotional stages of losing a loved one:

Although the poem is meant to be comforting, we have to deal with the sadness ourselves. To overcome the pain of losing someone, we should understand the emotional stages that we might have to experience.

  • Denial:  In this stage, we may feel shocked and disbelief. It is so hard to accept when we can no longer see the one we love, and we try to convince our minds that it is not reality. We may feel so numb and empty. We find it hard to believe that the tragedy has happened, and we keep denying the truth, again and again.
  • Anger: We may blame ourselves that we are the reason which caused the loss. We could have done something to stop it. Even when death occurs naturally, many people are still angry about how this life is so unfair to our loved ones. "Why is this happening to me?", “Why should I be the one to suffer?” - you think and keep asking yourself many questions.

  • Bargaining: We often think about times when we said something wrong and made mistakes. We wish that we could travel back in time and do things differently. We dream of having the power to fix everything in the past and we assume we could be a better version.
  • Depression: We begin to fall into the abyss of negative emotion. The loneliness, insecurity and emptiness made us burst into tears. We find it difficult to concentrate on anything else. We may experience grief on both emotional and physical levels, and we lay the weapon down to surrender the sadness. It keeps growing day by day until we feel exhausted.
  • Acceptance: This is the hardest part among all the stages of emotion. It does not mean that we no longer feel the pain of loss, we are just no longer denying the truth. The recollection of the past starts to fade out and we begin to focus on our present life. We have not forgotten the loved ones, instead, we have learnt to accept that they are gone.

Remember: It will take a lot of time to recover. We might have to suffer for months, or for years in order to move on. We will still miss the one we loved no matter what happens. But accepting that they are gone is a good way to let them rest in peace. Time does not fully heal our wounds, we are the ones who decide how to continue and stay strong.

Deal With The Pain Of Loss

  • Face your emotions: To be better, we should accept the pain as a part of our lives. Trying to avoid sadness and loss only makes the grief take longer. When you smile after remembering good memories or collapse on the floor crying, "everything will be fine", or "they will away be in your heart" would help you to calm down.
  • Keep an emotional journal: Sometimes, we find it hard to talk to anyone. Expressing the feeling might not be the best option at the time. A good solution is to write down our thoughts and emotion in a journal, or you can release your feelings by making a scrapbook.

  • Love yourself: You should not suffer the pain in a negative way. Seeking alcohol or isolating yourself from society will ruin your body and make your mind sink into illusions. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly will help you feel relaxed. If you think it is too hard for you, finding a therapist is also a good suggestion.
  • Talk to someone you trust: Grief can make us feel very lonely and we have a very long journey to recover. Finding someone we can talk to, such as a friend or family member, would help a lot. Many people find out that sharing with others about personal problems makes them feel much better. Maybe at first, you do not feel it is a good way. But we always want you to know that "you do not have to fight alone". It does not take anything away from us to let people understand a bit of our pain.
  • Have memorial items: You can buy a gift to preserve the image of your loved one. We found that looking at a picture or a keepsake of our dearest person will make us feel safe and sound. Giving others memorial items also shows our sympathy in a thoughtful and heartwarming way.

    We highly recommend the best way to cope with the loss is to have the support and care from family and friends: It can be in different ways of writing a condolence card or sending a tribute gift to our loved ones.

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    In conclusion

    The As I Sit In Heaven Poem is a beautiful reminder that our loved ones who have passed away are still with us in spirit. While the pain of loss can be overwhelming, there are ways we can cope and honor our loved ones. These four effective ways to cope with the pain of loss can help provide some comfort and support as we move through our grief. Have you tried any of these methods? What has helped you the most in your time of need?