When a loved one dies, it’s hard to know what to do. One thing that always helps is finding ways to remember and cherish the person who has passed away. That’s why we offer beautiful butterflies from heaven themed gifts that also come with touching poems and quotes about butterfly from heaven.

Our products are made with love and care, and we hope they will help you feel close to your loved one again. We want you to be able to keep their memory alive every day, in a special way.

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Top Memorial Gift with Butterfly from Heaven

Memorial Canvas

Popular and adaptable butterfly from heaven canvas wall art is a great option for interior design. It is ideal for every space, including bathrooms and kitchens, thanks to its waterproof composition. With so many alternatives, you may choose a design that matches your preferences and style.

And if you still can't locate the ideal piece, why not make your own personalized canvas wall art? It's a wonderful way to show off your interest in visual arts and crafts and personalize your environment.

Additionally, unlike other decorative materials, the canvas is strong enough to sustain regular usage and won't fade or degrade with time. Why then wait? Make any space in your house stand out by displaying your own original canvas wall art.

Beside this I never left you quote, there is a popular quote- "As I sit in heaven and watch you everyday" that people love to include in design, it's one more option for you!

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Soft Throw Blanket

Have you been looking for the ideal personalized butterflies from heaven memorial gift for a family member or friend? No need to look further than a personalized photo bedspread or comforter from our business. Because they are composed of high-quality fleece, our quilts and comforters will last for many years.

Choose your favorite images, then pick from a number of arrangements to create a one-of-a-kind bedding set that will undoubtedly soothe and delight the recipient. With a personalized photo quilt or comforter, you may give the gift of memories. 

Do you love the quote? Or you may love As I sit in heaven butterfly poem with butterfly on the design? Both are perfect!

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Remembrance Candle

The memorial candle serves as a monument as well as a constant reminder that our loved ones are still with us.

Lighting the candle, which symbolizes the flame of life, is a symbolic act done to keep their memory alive. The use of the cardinal, a representation of energy and nature, furthers the concept that even if our loved ones have passed away physically, their spirits live on in all living things.

This chic candle honors people we've lost in a wonderful way and gives us peace in knowing they're always with us. Light it in appreciation of the eternal flame of their love and presence in our lives and in remembering them.

butterflies from heaven poem, butterflies to heaven poem, butterflies in heaven poem

Butterflies from Heaven Poem

This poem's introduction explains how butterflies are frequently associated with the departed. It starts I've heard that when a butterfly comes to you, it's coming from someone in heaven, a former soul.

butterfly and death quotes

Butterfly and Death Quotes

  1. My heart was led by his gaze into his soul, and I discovered that he held the key to everything.
  2. Keep fluttering your frantic wings, darling butterfly, wherever you are. Swipe them. Flap them as though your little life—or at the very least, my tiny death—depends on it.
  3. The butterfly said, "Death takes what man would keep, and leaves what man would lose. Wind, blow, and make your cheeks jiggle. I experience four-way relief when I warm my hands in front of the fire of life.
  4. There were dead bodies all everywhere and bloody puddles. A butterfly was flitting up and down the roadway, as I recall. Summer refuses to resign.
  5. There is, nevertheless, a sliver of optimism when we perceive in others the same devotion to life that we find solace in. Why else would somebody read Sebald or see a film by Haneke? The attention is of a high caliber, which redeems the terrible subject matter.
  6. And I ponder whether the dying caterpillar had any idea that she would eventually change into a flyable butterfly.


There are many ways to keep a loved one's memory alive. A butterfly from heaven memorial gift is a beautiful way to do this. It can be given in honor of someone who has passed away or it can be given as a pet loss gift. There are also many different types of butterflies from heaven gifts available. Whatever type of butterfly gift you choose, it is sure to be a cherished reminder of your loved one for years to come.