A funeral is a sad event that no one wants, but the laws of the universe we cannot avoid. Therefore, what we most want to do on this day is to make us or our friends and relatives less sad because of the death of a loved one.

Why Do People Have Memorial Blankets At Funerals?

This is a traditional American custom. In traditional funerals, in addition to flowers, Americans also use memorial blankets to display at funerals to remember the deceased.

Memorial blanket for funeral

At the funeral, when the memorial blanket is displayed, many people will come to see and forever engraved the image of the deceased in their hearts. Not only that, it will become the focal point of the ceremony, the focus for all eyes to look at and generate affection by the image of the deceased shown in the blanket.

Furthermore, the memorial blanket will be displayed in the family as a memorable keepsake of the deceased. There are also people who use blankets to cover themselves, to have the feeling that their loved ones are always beside them, to fill the void, to fill the memory of the deceased.

The most purchased bereavement blankets by Americans

Today, using modern printing technology we can create memorial blankets that can be personalized with an image, name, and date. This makes the memorial blanket impressive and different.

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You can check out some of the blanket samples we took screenshots below:

Memorial Blanket Collection 1Memorial Blanket Collection 2

Customer reviews for our funeral blankets products.

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We hope to bring you joy and happiness instead of sadness and hope that your loved ones in heaven always watch over you and remember you forever.