Memorial Blankets are significant coverings that can likewise be offered at a funeral as an eternal tribute to a loved one.

The covering can survive on permanently to actually wrap grieving members of the family comfortably or act as a tip that loved ones never leave their households completely.

Message Contained In Funeral Blankets

After the funeral, the bereaved can hang on to an irreversible token to supply warmth throughout attempting times. Sympathy toss coverings are a thoughtful gesture, particularly if you found out about someone's passing away after the funeral service.

Funeral Blankt

Commonly used messages include:

  • At I Sit In Heaven
  • I Never Left You
  • To My Dad In Heaven
  • To My Mom In Heaven
  • A Fallen Limb
  • A Limb Has Fallen

The expressions included on our coverings vary from scripture psalms to nonreligious lines and are also knowledgeable. The calming words, as well as the simple act of having received a heartfelt present, can strengthen spirits and also motivate hope.

Benefits Of Bereavement Blankets

The Funeral Covering is helpful via the mourning procedure. The cozy and also calming feeling you get when you involve a Funeral service Blanket is inexpressible.

I Never Left You Blanket

A Tribute Covering from Funeral Home Gifts is an ensured hit with your customer family members, both throughout the solution and also long afterward. Each covering:

  • Functions as a Centerpiece in the Memorial or Funeral Service
  • Generates recommendations for future services
  • Your family members will treasure the blanket for life and also speak about the solution you offered. The Covering is an ensured hit that will certainly be a centerpiece of the memorial, end up being a priceless treasure presented in their family room, and also produce an extra solution worth that is many times the price of the covering.

Funeral Gifts Blankets Ideas

Idea #1 - Memorial Blanket For Loss Of Mother

Funeral Blankt

The special feature of this blanket is that we can customize the image, name and date

Idea #2 - Memorial Blanket For Loss Of Father

I Never Left You Blanket

The special feature of this blanket is that we can customize the image, the character is placed in the center of the design combined with the design style to help bring a warm feeling to the user.


And we also have hundreds of beautiful blanket patterns for you to choose from for your funeral gifts.

Memorial Blanket Collection 1

Memorial Blanket Collection 2


When you receive your funeral blanket, appreciate what you have in your hands. We understand the recovery procedure can be challenging, however our company believe in our hearts that the covering will aid you.