Sarah has found catharsis in writing poems for my husband in heaven after losing Michael last year. As one of her closest friends, I've witnessed the deep love in her poems expressing her ongoing commitment to the husband now in heaven. In this raw yet hopeful collection, Sarah shares selections of poems that speak to the enduring grief of loss while keeping Michael's memory alive. I hope her heartfelt poems provide comfort to others who deeply miss a loved one in heaven.

How do I write a tribute to my late husband?

After reading Sarah's touching poems for her husband in heaven, many have asked how to honor their own late loved one. One thoughtful way is through a written tribute.

Focus first on your fondest memories, like their smile, inside jokes or shared passions. Jot down specific memories and stories to bring them back to life. You can also express how they impacted you and what you'll carry on from their influence.

Most importantly, write from the heart with raw emotion as Sarah has done. Her tribute poems show how cathartic it can be to grieve and celebrate a life through writing.

The moving poems for my husband in heaven - The best words from the Heart

Sarah has generously allowed me to share snippets from some of the most moving poems for my husband in heaven in her collection. "Remembering Your Smile" captures the joy from small moments of Michael's laughter that she'll keep close. Another raw poem "For Tomorrow We Will Meet Again" offers a glimpse of her hopes for their reunion through faith. These are just a few examples of the haunting yet beautiful poems for husband in heaven included in Sarah's tribute.

Remembering Your Smile Poem

Remembering Your Smile
I see your smile before me still,
Wrapped in sweet memories held so dear.
The way your eyes would light and crinkle,
Filled my heart each time with cheer.
poems for my husband in heaven

In the kitchen as we cooked and danced,
Every morning over coffee by the window.
When the kids made us laugh by chance,
Or we watched the sunset's afterglow.
poems for my husband in heaven

All the little moments you lifted my face,
With your joy and mirth so free.
I treasure each glance, each embrace,
Your smile that used to shine on me.

Now I close my eyes and see it once more,
Warm as the summer sun's embrace.
How it lit my world and so much more,
I'll hold that smile in my heart's safe place.
poems for my husband in heaven

Wherever you may roam my love, always know
That smile of yours I remember so.
It stays etched upon my heart, as bright as snow,
Your smile that I loved you for, so long ago.

For Tomorrow We Will Meet Again Poem

For Tomorrow We Will Meet Again
a poam for a deceaed husband
The sun rises bright on a new promise of day,
As it has each morn since our wedding day's play.
Together so long through joy and strife,
You, my partner and love, my whole life.
a poam for a deceaed husband

Though time marches ever our passions remain,
In each loving glance and tender vein.
When apart our thoughts intertwine,
In memories sweet we entwine.
a poam for a deceaed husband

This life we've built is a work of care,
Through duty and fairness we futures share.
The comfort you've lent with your strength so sure,
Gives haven and courage my path to endure.
a poam for a deceaed husband

Tomorrow who knows what the fates will send,
But come what may, on you I depend.
While breath you still draw my respect you’ll know,
In your hands my heart will forever show.

So let tomorrow bring duty or ease,
Our legacy’s written in lives we please.
United in purpose, in seasons of mirth,
Together we’ll walk the bright roads of Earth.


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Why writing or reading poetry helps heal the pain of losing a loved one

For Sarah, poetry became a lifeline during the difficult time after losing her husband John. Their many years of shared memories, encapsulated in the poems she wrote for her deceaed husband, helped alleviate the loneliness and grief of those first months without him by her side.

In the weeks following John's passing, Sarah found herself revisiting the poems they had written to each other over their marriage. Reading their poetic exchanges of love and affection reminded her of quiet evenings curled on the sofa together, each reading their latest work out loud and smiling at private jokes or nods to their history. The poems became a way for Sarah to quietly converse with John's memory and feel close to him again, if only briefly, through their woven words.

poems for my husband in heaven

As days bled into months of missing John's steady companionship, Sarah took up writing poetry again herself as a way to process the vast range of emotions she experienced - sadness, anger, regret, longing and eventually a cautious acceptance. Putting her feelings into rhythmic language gave her an outlet and sense of control over the situation. Reading back over the cycles of grief expressed in her poems also showed Sarah how far she had come, the edges of her wound beginning to scar over with time.

Even now, years later, Sarah still finds solace in both rereading the poetry she and John gifted one another, as well as gazing at the collection of works she penned in those early days of recovery. While the acute pain has dulled, poetry continues to provide a balm for difficult moments when she feels John's absence most keenly. It helps her honor his memory and gives comfort knowing that through the words they left behind, a part of their love still lives on.

A touching tribute to read at her husband's funeral

My beloved, today we lay you to rest. But your spirit will forever live on in my heart and in the lives you touched. We had so many wonderful years together, through all the ups and downs of this journey called life.

I remember when we first met, how instantly drawn to you I felt. Your kind eyes and warm smile made me melt. We had such fun in those early days, just talking for hours and falling so deeply in love. When you proposed, I was the happiest woman alive to promise you my forever.

Our wedding day was so perfect, as we committed our lives to one another. Then coming home from the reception to start our new journey as husband and wife - I still get chills thinking of it. The years that followed brought more joy than I ever could have dreamed. Watching our family grow, raising our kids together, growing old alongside my best friend.

You were the rock of our family, so generous and hardworking. Our kids looked up to you, and I know they will carry the important lessons you taught them always in their hearts. You lived with such passion, zest for life and commitment to your loved ones. I strive every day to follow your example.

Though my heart is heavy with grief today, I find comfort knowing how much you were loved. And I feel blessed to have had you by my side for so long. You leave behind a legacy in our children and in all who knew your kindness. I know that wherever you are now, you'll be at peace - and continue to watch over us until we meet again someday. I loved you with all my heart, and that love will last forever. Rest well, my darling, until we're reunited beyond this world.

a poam for a deceaed husband


1. How do I get started writing a poem?

Think about your favorite memories together and the feelings of love, comfort or gratitude he brought you. Jot down keywords and let your thoughts flow freely on paper without judging yourself. Our raw emotions often make the deepest poems.

2. What should I write about in the poem?

You can write about anything - the little things you miss, inside jokes you shared, qualities you admired, lessons he taught you or hopes for the future. Focus on expressing how he made you feel and the impact he had to honor his memory through your words.

3. How long should the poem be?

There's no right length - poems come out as they are. But most condolence poems fit on a single page or two. Brevity can emphasize your message. Don't worry about structure, just let your heart's words fall as they may.

4. Should I read it at his funeral?

You could if you feel ready. Just be prepared for emotion. Another option is sharing your poem privately with close family and friends after the service. Or keep it for your own remembrance. Follow your grief process - there's no wrong choice.

5. Where can I share my poem?

Consider posting it on the funeral home tribute page, cemetery website memory garden or your late husband's social media if he had one. You could also include it in a keepsake folder for relatives or read it aloud at his gravesite during quiet visits. Poetry preserves love beyond a lifetime.

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In the years since losing her husband so suddenly, these poems have become a cathartic outlet for expressing both her undying love and inevitable grief. Revisiting the collection, entitled Poems for My Husband in Heaven, continues to provide moments of comfort by allowing me to both reminisce on cherished memories and maintain a sense of ongoing connection. While nothing can ever fully fill the gaping hole left by his absence, committing my most personal feelings and reflections to paper helps ease the pain of separation. Sarah takes solace knowing that through her words, some small part of him still lives on. More than just memorializing the past, the poems serve as a means of working through the difficult process of adjusting to life without her beloved partner and reintegrating joy alongside sorrow. Like the love she still holds in her heart, she hopes that sharing these compositions provides at least a dim ray of light for others coping with unfathomable loss. In the shadows of heaven, her husband remains as long as these poems endure. Hopefully this collection will help the wife who lost her husband get through a not-so-lonely Christmas season.